Skills that you need to learn during summer holiday, that are useful for your future career:

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Skills that you need to learn during summer holiday, that are useful for your future career:


Nowadays learning new skills, even if they are not part of your study program is a must. You may need these skills for your studies or your future. This will help to gain a competitive advantage in the job market. When students graduate all from university, the one who will get hired first is the one who have additional skills in programming, video editing, a driving license, soft skills like negotiating that he learnt when he is part of a club for debating and many other skills that we will go through in this article. For example, you may be targeting a marketing position; this work requires basic knowledge in design and HTML knowledge to prepare newsletters and emailing campaign. A company in front of two profiles to choose in between will opt for the one who has skills in HTML. For the same position, some additional skills in Photoshop, adobe premiere or any editing software will welcome.

However, most management students don’t study these skills at university. So you need to learn them apart.

Let’s take another example of a student with a literature background. Could learn skills like SEO, copywriting, video editing they can in marketing, public relation and communication positions. Learning these additional skills will add a lot options in job market. Moreover, they can freelance during their free time.

In order to explain the importance of these additional skills, let’s take a third example, you are studying and you learn an instrument. You learned Djing, for example, this will help you much to fund your studies and find a part-time job in a near restaurant or take part in event and parties. You will be very well paid.

Programming: Programming is a high demand skill in the job market, learning additional skills in programming will allow you to freelance from time to time and you will earn additional money. I remember that I have been able to learn new programming skills and find online jobs which allowed me to earn extra money and fund my studies.

Moreover, you can add these skills to your CV and increase your chance to get hired in a job interview.

Many programming skills are required if you would like to find a job easily like SQL, HTML, CSS, Python, C++, etc even if you are not from an IT background and you will work in finance department these skills are important to have.

Video editing: Adobe premiere or adobe after effect are also very recommended this skill is very important to have. You can learn it through a tutorial on YouTube. You can also, find some online course related to video editing it is also very useful.

Driving:  Having driving licence wether for driving a car or track are both useful. You can work in your free time for delivering food or amazon packages. You can also work for a truck rental company like this truck rental service in Dubai.

Hope these advices have been useful for you. 

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