Travelling to study abroad than you need to check this before packing your bags:

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Travelling to study abroad than you need to check this before packing your bags:


Travelling to study abroad than you need to check this before packing your bags:

Culture and style of life are different from one country to another. For that reason, you need to take into consideration different things before starting your travel. Whether you are travelling to China, Europe or the USA, things do not work the same and culture and style of life are far much different.

You will be asking right now what are these things that I have not to forget or to focus on before travelling to Vietnam or china. Well, I will highlight in this article something that all of us forget during travelling. 

People in different countries and continent, do not have the same habits of food, don’t spend their free time the same way, and even small details at their home are different. For example, if you buy a laptop from eBay or amazon they will offer two different plugs because power plugs are different in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

It looks weird, but you don’t want to remain without power to recharge your phone or laptop. This is a really embarrassing situation, right. You need to know that power plugs are different from a country to another. If you are from France and travelling to Vietnam, then you may face this issue. Even, If you go to the most luxurious hotel to spend your first night there, you will not find the power plug that you are looking for. You may ask the hotel room service to bring one and they come after one hour, or they will say we give it to someone else for the moment. Anyway, you won't be in this situation. You will go to the biggest airport in the country and discover that they are using a different type of power plug. I have been travelling from Europe to Vietnam and I run out of battery and I was not able to find a Vietnam plug. This may happen anywhere so you should be careful and avoid such a situation.

I will give one tip that will be very helpful to you. You should always take with you a plug socket  adapter wherever you go this will save a lot of effort especially if you are travelling from Europe to Asia or the USA. 

You may also buy a power bank. Make sure that your power bank is no less than 1000mA. It will charge at least two or three times. I bought one and I’m very satisfied. 

One more thing you can do is to buy a backpack with a plug inside so you can use it to put your staff and laptop and still can charge your phone while using it. Anyway, you should choose a solution among those provided.

Hope I have been helpful during this article and I try to provide with my experience. Since I have applied this advice I never run out of battery. These are small details but may make a lot of difference when you are travelling.

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