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A multitude of people aspire to study on scholarships and there are numerous scholarships opportunities (see here: https://www.ngscholars.net/scholarships/) in and out of the country, hosted by various governments as well as private institutions. Many have applied and have not been successful and that is necessarily not because of their ineligibility or lack of qualification as it may seem.

As such there are some important rules as well as guidelines that need to be followed during the application process that should not be gotten wrong and that may be the mistake that many qualified persons have ignored.

The following will take you through the do’s and don’ts that you should be noted/observed while applying for scholarships.




A stitch in time saves nine, they say, but permit me to add, it saves a million. When applying for scholarships, it is very important to be time conscious. Ensure that you do not give room for delay when applying. Do not wait for the deadline before submitting your application; “Do it IN time and not ON time”. By so doing it will save you a whole lot of hiccups.

For example, I have seen someone that was granted scholarship before the closing date, i.e. deadline of the scholarship application.




Yes, pay attention to details! This is one issue that many people do have and may be the cause of their failure when applying for scholarships. Do not assume that you know it all or jump to conclusion on what it should be. Read every thing to the letter, read again and again, if possible, read again. By doing so, you will possibly see what you missed in the first two reading. It also helps you to understand what is actually included in the context of the institution. In that way, you will see the crossed ‘t’s’ and ‘I’s’.

Even Einstein has probably read a book on multiple occasions. A scholarship details should not be a problem for you. If you can see a movie (E.g., Black Panther) more than once, this shouldn’t be a big deal.




I guess the reasons why instructions are set is for people to follow. As such it is very important that you follow the instructions stated in the scholarship application, even if it is stupid, but then, who will include such in a scholarship application. Instructions are not debatable; just do as they say. They are the basic requirements that you need to fulfil in order to be considered for a scholarship.




Your scholarship application must be fully filled before submission as incomplete applications will disqualify you from the process. Do not take any information as irrelevant and as such, ignore or leave them blank. Every information you provide will give you an edge and a possible chance over another applicant when it is reviewed, TRUST ME, IT WILL BE. “The scholarship committee will likely look at your application, see it is incomplete, and move it to the disqualified pile. Some scholarship committees will contact you in an effort to complete your application, but NEVER assume that this will be the case.”




One very important part of scholarship application is tidiness. Some scholarship applications will require you to tender a handwritten essay or content. Be advised that you may no necessarily need a perfect writing but it must be neat. A rough application may not be considered and it will be difficult to win a scholarship if it strains the review committee to read your application. “This doesn’t mean that you can’t fill out applications by hand (unless the directions say you have to type your application.”



you will agree with me that it is usually difficult for you to notice your own mistakes and they are easily identified by people. Therefore, always invite people to read through your application. This will help reduce any spelling or grammar errors or other mistakes that may be in your application before you send it.

In case you have overlooked these aspects during your application for scholarship, you are advised to work towards them in your next application.


If you inculcate these habits and they become a part of you, you would be thankful to your younger self as you grow older. When you graduate and start seeking jobs in Nigeria or abroad, these steps will be helpful when you apply for jobs and they will help you a great deal in securing jobs.

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