Western Balkans Fellowship Programme at the Austrian Parliament

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Western Balkans Fellowship Programme at the Austrian Parliament

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The European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) announces the call for applications for the Western Balkans Fellowship Programme at the Austrian Parliament. The fellowships funded by the Austrian Parliament are designed for civil servants working in the administrations of the National Parliaments in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. It is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about the operations and practices of the Austrian Parliament as well as to observe and to learn from the administrative staff and professionals about the different aspects of their work.

Western Balkans Fellowship Programme is looking for the 6 best applicants from the WB6 National Parliaments, who want to shape the regional and European collaboration by using their knowledge and enthusiasm in applying the best practices in the process of administrative reform.

The programme is specifically designed for civil servants from the National Parliaments in the Western Balkans who have several years of professional experience in public administration and have already assumed initial managerial responsibilities. The eligible applicants should

Six (6) scholarships will be available for civil servants in the 2020/2021 program cycle. The program financed by the Austrian Parliament and implemented by the EFB includes the following support to the fellow: intensive language course, travel expenses, international travel (medical) insurance, a stipend for practice phase, and the travel expenses and lodging for the final review meeting.

For more information please visit the official website.

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