Erupt! 2020 Social Change Art Competition ($8,000 in prizes)

آخر موعد للتقديم: 10 أوت 2020

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Erupt! 2020 Social Change Art Competition ($8,000 in prizes)

Apply for the Erupt! 2020 Social Change Art Competition ($8,000 in prizes). The deadline for the application is 10th August 2020.

Furthermore, with a fierce dedication to bettering the lives of indigent children using sustainable structures, SAP SE partners with Street Priests Inc. to launch this competition. Additionally, the competition aims to achieve the double purpose of promoting the arts and discovering and exposing new talent while providing lasting solutions to the creeping crisis of indigent children.


There are four categories in Erupt! 2020 namely


Winning Entry Prize money


Entries would be judged based on:


Interested? Ready to seize the opportunity to win a cash prize while giving back?

Visit the official page for more information.

Also, visit for more opportunities.

Provider: Erupt

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