Legal/Labour Law Officer Position at ILO in Switzerland

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Legal/Labour Law Officer Position at ILO in Switzerland

Apply for the Legal/Labour Law Officer Position at ILO in Switzerland. The deadline for the application is 10th August 2020.


The following are eligible to apply:


The position is located within the International Labour standards Department (NORMES). NORMES is responsible for designing and implementing the ILO standards-related activities in accordance with the standards strategy adopted by the Governing Body. Additionally, NORMES is the lead Department in realizing Office-wide coherence and cooperation on International Labour Standards (ILS) and promotes the ILO standards policy as a cornerstone of ILS activities.


The incumbent will do the given duties

1. Examine reports by governments and comments by employers and workers organizations on ratified and unratified Conventions and Recommendations. Also, perform comparative analyses of the legislation and practice of the different States. Additionally, assist in the preparation of draft legal documents.

2. Likewise, examine communications from constituents concerning freedom of association and collective bargaining, in particular as to complaints submitted to the Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA), and prepare draft documents and perform other tasks in support of the work of the CFA.

3. Also, undertake research and studies on problems relating to the relevant subject matters, international law, or labor standards. Likewise, participate in activities relating to the technical assistance provided to member States concerning the ratification of international labor Conventions and their effective implementation.

4. Additionally, provide support to ILO events and meetings, in collaboration with other NORMES colleagues, through participating and taking notes in meetings such as the CFA.

5. Also, perform other relevant duties as assigned.



Advanced degree in law.


Minimum of one year of national or international experience.


Excellent command of Spanish and a good working knowledge of English and/or French.


In addition to the ILO core competencies, this position requires:

Technical Competencies:

Ability to analyze legal issues and draft clearly and concisely to assist in preparing draft legal comments as well as other documents and briefs as required.

Behavioral Competencies:

The candidate is expected to demonstrate and be guided by ILO competencies, specifically:

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