A.E. Brooks Travelling Scholarship in Architecture

A.E. Brooks Travelling Scholarship in Architecture

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The A.E. Brooks Travelling Scholarship in Architecture was established in 1962. It was at the bequest of approximately $60,000 under the will of Arnold Edwin Brooks, a Brisbane Architect who passed in 1958. Arnold Edwin Brooks requested that the bequeathed amount be split in half, with the first half paying tribute to the memory of his father. Known as the Samuel Wood Brooks Fund, it’s devoted to promoting the study of Literature and Political Economy. The second half is known as the Arnold Edwin Brooks Fund, and is devoted to the study of Architecture.

The aim of the scholarship is to enable Master of Architecture students to obtain special experience in an Overseas Study Program during their program at UQ. This is to ensure that the development of architecture in Queensland benefits from the knowledge and experience gained by these students.



The scholarship is open to students who:

  • submit an application to the Head of School by the closing date for applications,
  • are enrolled in their final semester of the Bachelor of Architectural Design, or are enrolled in the Master of Architecture program at UQ,
  • intend to participate in an Overseas Study Program as part of their Master of Architecture at UQ in the year following the award, and
  • do not hold another scholarship that the Head considers to be similar.

How to apply

Application dates to be advised.

Selection criteria

For the selection process the Head must establish a selection committee, comprising:

  • the Head, or nominee, as chair of the committee
  • the Director of Teaching and Learning Chair, and
  • the Director of Engagement.

The scholarship is awarded to the applicant(s) showing greatest merit based on:

  • academic achievement in architecture courses undertaken in one or both of the Approved Programs (as applicable)
  • the merit of the applicant’s proposed Overseas Study Program
  • the contribution the funding is likely to make to the applicant’s Overseas Study Program and their study of architecture generally, and
  • interpersonal qualities, including leadership potential.


School of Architecture

Scholarship value : $2,500 (approximate). The number of scholarships awarded varies on an annual basis.

Number awarded : 1

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