Cyprus West university Scholarship for next academic year

Cyprus West university Scholarship for next academic year

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Tomorrow Leaders Scholarship (TLS)

Cyprus West University is pleased to offer 100% scholarships for international students who have received a Conditional Acceptance Letter to study on an eligible program starting in September 2021. This scholarship proposal is competitive, and we will award scholarships to applicants who most closely meet or exceed the criteria for the scholarship. The scholarship decision will be made by a scholarship committee and all decisions of the scholarship committee are final. The scholarship will be a tuition fee reduction. If you are awarded a scholarship, your fee will be adjusted before you enroll.
•    Application Deadline: July 31st, 2021
•    Course Level: Undergraduate Program
•    Award: 100% Scholarship
•    Number of Scholarships: 10 Full Scholarships
•    Nationality: International students

I.    Eligibility
To be eligible for consideration for an international scholarship, applicants must:
1.    have a Conditional Acceptance Letter; and
2.    Be classed as an International student for tuition fee purposes.

II.    Application Steps
1.    Apply for admission and get your conditional letter.
2.    Fill Scholarship Form, you may fill Application Form (Printed) or fill the form in the Application Tracking System as shown in the Scholarship Application Video Guide.
3.    Prepare needed documents – make sure you complete all documents.
You will be considered for all scholarships you are eligible for. We will contact you about the decision within two four weeks of the deadline.

III.    Important Links
•    TLS Scholarship Page
•    Application Form (Printed)
•    Application Tracking System 
•    Scholarship Application Video Guide

IV.    Benefits
•    In each undergraduate program will grant a 100% tuition fee scholarship to new international students that cover 4 years in the department and 1 year for English school.
•    Top 4 Students will get accommodation scholarships.

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