North American Paul Tillich Society Fellowship Program 2019, California, USA

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North American Paul Tillich Society Fellowship Program 2019, California, USA

CFP - 2019 North American Paul Tillich Society Fellowship

The North American Paul Tillich Society seeks paper proposals from junior scholars (ABD or PhD completed no earlier than 2016) for a workshop to be held at its annual meeting in San Diego, California, November 22, 2019, immediately prior to the 2019 Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. Up to three selected workshop participants will become 2019 Tillich Society Fellows. Each fellow will receive $250.00 in travel reimbursement to attend the annual meeting and will have their NAPTS dues and banquet fee waived for the year. 

Proposals should develop an aspect of Tillich’s thought (i.e. a theme, trajectory, or method) or constructively employ Tillich’s method within their work. This is to say that the Society seeks constructive, rather than historical, proposals. We encourage papers that use specific theological tools or ideas from Tillich to address contemporary theological and cultural issues. In selecting Fellows, weight will be given to original constructive contribution over demonstration of exhaustive knowledge of Tillich’s works.

Proposals should include a 250 word abstract of the paper and a CV. Abstracts of dissertation chapters, journal articles, or book chapters in progress are quite welcome. Materials should be submitted to Brother Lawrence A. Whitney, LC†, President-Elect of the North American Paul Tillich Society, at by March 15, 2019. Selected Fellows will be notified no later than April 15 and must accept by May 1. Accepting the Fellowship includes agreement to attend the sessions of the NAPTS annual meeting. Fellows will submit a full paper draft by September 1 for pre-circulation among the Society membership in preparation for the workshop. Fellows will also be assigned a mentor from among the more senior scholars in the Society who have related interests.

The North American Paul Tillich Society

The North American Paul Tillich Society is dedicated to the study of the thought of Paul Tillich (1886-1965) and the application of his works to other areas of human knowledge. The Society fosters scholarship and scholarly exchanges that analyze, criticize, and interpret the impact of Paul Tillich's ideas. It seeks to employ and adapt his thought to deal with contemporary issues in theology, religion, ethics, and the political, social, psychological, scientific, and artistic spheres of culture.

The North American Paul Tillich Society is linked to the German and French-speaking societies as well as Tillich societies in other nations. It publishes a quarterly bulletin that contains papers delivered at its annual meeting and at the "Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture" session at the American Academy of Religion.

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