22 سبتمبر 2017

Hello, The honor goes to speak to your service to introduce an application to obtain documentation of the conditions at your university admissions and a form of scholarships. For your information, I am appointed Michael NYANGOLO Mugisho. I am Congolese (DRC) in Central Africa, I speak French. Born on 02.05.1995 in Kinshasa where I live, I am a graduate of State (BA) in the literary section noted with satisfaction. Given the hot topics of climate change on the world food program, on the issue of sustainable development in critical situations for a rapidly emerging countries in this globalized world. Having not been spared by the precarious socio-economic situation in my country and affecting the fabric of its education system, I lead a life without financial support because, having lost my father too young, I would get the opportunity to go desétudes of undergraduate in your country at the end of knowledge in the fields of social sciences and new telecommunication technologies which is the case of several personalities who have returned home and return the country to contribute to its sustainable development. Hoping to hear from you soon, please accept, Distinguished assurance of my highest consideration.

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