Language certificates, which one is required to get admission in a university

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Language certificates, which one is required to get admission in a university
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this article presents different English certificates required to apply for a study program.

Language certificates, which one is required to get admission in a university: 

University admission requires a good level in English and most universities ask for a language certificate. But which one is required and how I can get ready to sit for these English exams. 

IELTS: Most universities ask for IELTS certificate. IELTS is offered by the British Council which is an institution sponsored by foreign affairs and commonwealth office, it has representations in more than 100 countries.

IELTS certificate requires a lot of preparation due to the specific format of the exam. There are different ways to prepare for it whether an online course or preparation session in the British council itself. Most universities accept a score 6 and above, You have a great chance to win a scholarship for a master program if you have 6 IELTS score and 7 IELTS score for PhD program. If you are applying to study in UK IELTS is mandatory to apply for a visa as well. In case you already have TOEFL you still have to sit for IELTS. However if you Cambridge 


TOEFL: is also a language certificate that you can use to apply for an entirely taught in English program. Toefl is issued by Educational Testing Service a non-profit organisation. For TOEFL you need a score between. If you are applying to study in united states of America then you should definitely sit for TOEFL exam because is required for US visa application. So it depends on you plans to choose between different certificate.  

There is a Cambridge English certificate which is also recognised by the UK visa application system. You can learn more about Cambridge English exam on According to some friends, this exam is easier than IELTS and TOEFL which is worth it till in the end all these certificates are recognised. 

So it depends on your plans for the future before deciding which English certification you will opt for. For my case, I have been IELTS till I was planning to study in Europe. A score of 6 in IELTS was sufficient to secure a scholarship. 

So, once you decided which certificate you will for you need now to decide how you will prepare for the exam. Well, as already mentioned you can study online or book course a course in the UK or US embassy in your country, there are as well other organisations that offer preparation courses. For online course, there multiple option and you need to search well online for a good course. To be honest, I not a big fun f online course, you are easily distracted and you lack motivation most of the time to finish the course. However, set a clear schedule and a plan to study online to keep motivated along the course. 

Finally, once you decide which preparation session you will book, you will be assigned to a level for a preparation course. You need level B2 to be eligible to sit for the exam, so you need to prepare very well yourself, before doing the English level test in the British council or somewhere else. 



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