Is Memorizing Test Material Better than Actually Learning It?

25 avr. 2019, 0

When one is starting school and tests are limited to learning rhymes and identifying colors and numbers, it is obviously easy to memorize everything. But when we grow up, things aren’t as straightforward. Can memorization save students in college if they don’t take the time to really learn the material? Here are pros and cons of memorization which will help you get a clearer understanding of how you can succeed in an online class.


Remember basic facts

For topics for which you have to remember basic facts like dates and names, memorizing is a fine method. Of course this will not cover the bulk of the material you learn in college, as most classes involve detailed sets of material which cannot simply be memorized. Memorize small things but try to learn the essentials behind everything.

Learning encourages understanding

Considering that the purpose of taking an online course is to gain knowledge and understanding of an object, it should be known that learning should take precedence over memorization.  Online courses have video lectures available to students which they can watch many times, which is an obvious advantage over regular classes, where you can only see each lecture once. There is no reason online students should make use of the amount of material made available to them to learn the data required to succeed. 

Memorization helps to focus

Have you ever wondered why it is easy to remember historical facts that you learened during grade school, but it is tough to remember phone numbers of colleagues, friends or relatives? Experts say that when students memorize things at a young age they have a better capacity to recall that information. The earlier you get to work on something, the more likely it is that you’ll hold onto that information and be able to bring it back when you’re taking a test or working on a paper. Concetrate on your material and it will incorporate itself into your understanding. 

Improved utility of knowledge through learning

While learning information about different subjects within an online course, one gains meaningful insight into the essentials behind a lot of concepts. This improves one’s depth of knowledge and can make a big difference when it comes to tackling harder problems later in life. Our minds build and build over time and the more information we agree to take in through focus, the more we’ll be able to use to our benefit. 


Applying one’s own knowledge and understanding

The reason why educators insist on students thoroughly understanding their subjects rather than simply memorizing simple facts is because it matters. In order to be proper members of society and participate healthily, we need to be equipped with information we learn in college atmospheres. Education builds the world.  

If time is a constraint for you and you can’t complete your homework, you can ask help from a tutor to manage your assignment or test. All that you have to do is to call a service up and ask, ‘Can I paysomeone to take my online class?’ Before you pick one, though, don’t forget to read online class expert reviews on our website.

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