Architecture, Custom interior design, and home renovation a program full of innovation:

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Architecture, Custom interior design, and home renovation a program full of innovation:


Architecture, Custom interior design, and home renovation a program full of innovation:

Nowadays home renovation is becoming more and more demanded especially some innovative companies Carry out agreements ‘key in hand'.  They offer to the customer the possibility to build and put in operation a determinate work. This type of projects govern by the existence of an only agreement with the customer in which the company assume the execution of the work in his whole, from the phase of basic design, of detail, management of shopping and subcontracts, purchase of materials and equipment until the supervision of the work and set up. This business is flourishing due to the advantages he brings to people planning to undertake a do a home extension. Now too many study programs focus on custom design.

This method is more and more trending in home renovation, Architecture, interior design are now aware of the importance of “key in hand projects”. Moreover this type of project management makes customization easier.

 Why custom design is the future!

Custom design is step by step transforming our daily lives. And there is a reason for it! Let us present first what custom design is about and why is getting more and more importance:


Haven`t we all had a moment in life when we saw a kitchen designed is specific way according to a special design according to custom orders …. “If only they were lighter shade of pink!”, or “we like the design, but the granite color is too dark, or “These materials look almost exactly like all the others in the stores”. Well NO more! Now is the time to play by your own rules! Now is the time to find the perfect shade of marble, to find the perfect thickness and to reflect your unique personality and let your renovated home shine! And if you are a fan of classical designs and think this is not for you, that`s not all custom-made is about! So, custom design relies too much on the customer preferences and is ready to answer to his query.

2. The dimension

So many people struggle with dimensions… if the materials used cannot fit your kitchen design and are not available in different dimensions than it’s pretty difficult to get the design you was expecting, if the kitchen is very classical, the colors are very light, this will cause you discomfort. With  you can regulate the design of your home and never feel these issues again. Custom made also means you can find you a wider range of sizes – smaller as well as larger!

Our planet is our home and consumerism is destroying it bit by bit. When you choose to order custom design of your home in general or kitchen specifically even from a designer consultant you are choosing less energy loss, less production waste and less environment pollution. For this reason, interior design consultants focus on these aspects too.  There is a lot of improvement in term of environment protection and waste management.  let YOU pick exactly what you want, and then they produce it for you by hand!


Innovative interior designer and architecture of home renovation believe that “custom design” is the future! You can already see it trending in all aspects of fashion and other fields! They believe that not much time will pass and people will custom design everything! It is just the next natural step of evolution. Before mass production time, almost everything was made with care and highly customized but the making is even slow and expensive. Now we have fast and affordable quality products made with a lot of care. Custom design will give us fast personalization, with handmade quality, delivered to our doorstep faster than ever before! Now new industries focus on providing custom made products due to the exigencies of the customer.


So, you are the one with the weirdest interior design and the weirdest colors, but you rarely find something of your taste? The classics lover? Be your glorious perfect self and express it in every way imaginable! The home renovation?  We`ve got it covered!

Why key in hand House renovation Projects are so efficient:


First they have to set a Calendar, than they have to print the plan, once done they have to order materials and the dimensions, at that stage cleaning materials gloves, and boots should be purchased. Of course these steps are difficult to achieve if you will do them yourself, if you are not keen enough with project management.


If you want to understand the role of home consultation for managing an extension or renovation, this preliminaries checklist will keep you on track when it comes to understand its importance. There are a number of arrangements to be made.

Well this is a long process and will be very difficult if you do it yourself, and asking a specialized team to do it is much better.

3-Essential Steps in key in hand kitchen extension's Projects:

The space you require it for your kitchen extension will depend on how you want it to be. It is useless to spend money on an extension that is very small or too big. Bear in mind that you should think very well before opting for a kitchen extension.

Generally, the kitchen is the heart of family life and the room we spend most time in — cooking, eating, socializing, working and relaxing — and an open-plan (or semi-open-plan) space is often the best way to use the new extension. 

The key to creating the perfect open-plan kitchen is getting the space and the layout right first, before deciding on kitchen units, design details and decoration later. Find out more about how to design an open-plan kitchen extension to get the interior layout right.

Write a list of all the features that you already have in your kitchen, than add the features and appliances that you wish to add to the space. Try to understand how you will better manage the space later.

More things to take into consideration before house extension:

  •  gardens may suffer after a house extensions
  • Poor designs can reduce sunlight for plants in the garden.
  • Lack of daylight and less light flows through your home and house extensions.


  • If you want to project manage an extension or renovation yourself, the best way to find a good builder is through recommendation. Yes will help you to find an appropriate contractor.
  • Once you have found one good reliable subcontractor, you are on your way, as they will have worked with many others whose work they know well and respect.

*Step 1: ask for recommendations

The first step in finding the best contractor is to choose among 10–15 local contractors who have the right expertise. You’ll gradually reduce this list until you select your right contractor, so it’s best to put a lot of names than you’ll need at this point.

There are many methods you can use to create your list:

  • Ask your friends for advice, especially those who have already a contractor.
  • Do a quick search on google to find reviews if available.
  • Use social media like groups on facebook in order to follow latest updates and news related to house renovation locally for local recommendations.

Step 2: Compare contractor’s old projects:

Look for a contractor who is expert in the type of remodel you require. It depends the remodeling or renovation you need. Is it kitchens remodeling or bathroom renovation. A home improvement contractor with a creative eye can also be helpful for your project. For instance, if you want to lay a tile entryway with a detailed mosaic or paint a room with a faux finish, you’ll need a contractor who can do this work correctly.

Step 3: Visit a finished project of one of the potential contractors:

Ask the contractor to visit or see photos of his old projects. Then choose a project to visit in person to see their contractor’s completed project. Choose people who seem are welcoming. It will be great if the work was realized years back so you can check how it is right now. Visit at least one finished project from each of your remaining top contenders. This will save a lot of money and effort and will avoid

As you visit the projects, take photos, take a close look at the contractor’s work. Ask the person how he found the work, and other specific details.

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