How outsourcing your IT projects can make your business flourish:

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IT outsourcing is a flourishing business and is growing fast. The good thing in such a business is that it does not require a specific location. Nowadays, firms outsource their IT project in other countries, they are looking especially for skilled engineers and highly qualified developers’ team able to execute projects fast and deliver results in a smooth way. Companies in the US and Europe prefer actually to rely on developer team based in a developing country where they can find talented engineers with a relatively cheap cost.

Companies nowadays find such alternatives in countries in central and Eastern Europe, is the case of Ukraine where you can find Ukrainian programmers and Ukrainian developers skilled and professional. Recently, PricewaterhouseCoopers ranked Ukraine 5th among Top 25 IT service exporters.  This improvement has made those countries attractive enough for IT companies. Ukraine is an example among others like Tunisia or Estonia where the IT sector is developing fast and in a tremendous way making this sector represents an important percentage of their PIB. Countries willing to locate themselves in the IT sector should improve their educational system in order to have qualified people. This what you can find in a country like Ukraine Ukraine outsourcing company providing skilled Ukrainian developers.

Moreover, a lot of incentives are provided by governments in order to promote offshore IT companies. In term, of tax incentives. This also presents an important factor that encourages European and US companies to outsource their business in Ukraine. In such case, you will avoid contact with public authorities. Now, in a world of excessive taxation, such incentives will help you get a competitive advantage and reduce your costs. As a manager, you should be aware in order to lead a successful strategy, tackle new markets, expand your business and reduce your costs.

As an entrepreneur, you will be asking right now how you could hire qualified Ukrainian programmers when you don’t know well how things work there. The good thing is that now everything is available online. is an out-staffing agency and provide a dedicated software development team in Ukraine. This agency will save you time and effort and provide you with skilled engineers and will help you to get your software development team. This option may not be available in other countries and will oblige you to move by yourself and recruit developers. You will be obliged also to pay more for management cost and for your HR department. Anyway, all of this could be avoided.  So this dedicated service will help you get access to a purposeful labour market.  

You may be asking how you can manage a team or project in a different country; however, this becomes possible thanks to remote work tools like Trello and others.

As you can see this business model works pretty well and has proved its benefits and its cost reduction. You will benefit from the expertise of a special team available to provide you with skilled engineers and developers.

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