Are you a PhD student or researchers, why you should develop your content writing skills:

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Are you a PhD student or researchers, why you should develop your content writing skills:

As a PhD student or a researcher, you definitely have skills related to writing articles, doing research on specific topics or draw graphs and illustrations. You maybe don’t know that you can start a business in content writing or you didn’t think about it, you have been more focused these days on research or PhD and you haven’t thought that you could benefit from the skills you acquired during your studies and academic career.

These skills are with high demand in the job market. A lot of people are looking for content creators.

But how to start a career in creative writing, especially if you don’t have experience in that field.

Good news, for your case you don’t need experience all you need a computer and to join an online course about creative writing whether, on Coursera or Udemy, you will find a huge amount of experts teaching and sharing their experience in the field.

They will teach you different tips in order to create engaging content and SEO friendly content.

You could write creative content and specialize in different topics like Beauty, Entertainment, Fashion,  Fitness & Health, Food & Drinks, Lifestyle, Parenting & Kids, Relationships, Travel and Tourism, Weddings, Cars, Technologies, Sports,  Business, Real estate, Bitcoin,  Freelancing, making money online.

Anyway, in this article, we tried to explain how to start a business in creative writing.

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