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In this article, I will explain the tools that you need to understand in order to reach a lot of customers. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business owner or student opening soon a start-up these tools will be very helpful.

In the beginning, you will be al bit lost. In fact, you need to spend a lot of money on social media, or to be featured in a famous newspaper, however, things today are changing.
Customer prefers to search online for his needs. is he looking for an AC maintenance service or car rental service or an even building cleaning service he can find what he is looking through a simple google search.
But due to high competition, your business may not appear even in first and second webpage search and your chances to match with a customer are very low. If you are an air conditioning maintenance service, for example, there will thousands of similar service worldwide and hundreds in your location.
Your business should be visible in a different business repository.
this will increase your chance to match with different customers.
Moreover, you have to lead an aggressive online campaign through different social media channels. I will details these different strategies that any entrepreneur or a business owner or student can undertake.

Strategies that a business owner could undertake:

List your business on Google my business:

This tool is very efficient and help business, does not matter the size of the firm a painting firm or plumbing company. This tool provides great exposure and ensures visibility in google my business. Subscription in google my business is a long process and it took generally one month, the time you receive a confirmation letter to be part of this index. 

List your business on international repository:

Another efficient tool is international repository. This platform has daily visitors seeking information about firms in different sectors. Kompass is an example repository at the international level. It provides insights into different companies operating in Europe and other countries.

List your business in a national repository:

If you would like to target a specific market local repository are your destination. For example, if you would like to promote your business in Dubai you can opt for a local repository like
It the most appropriate way to have a local reach and find customers in Dubai for the following reasons:

*Fast way to find customers for your business: 

If you have a company providing AC maintenance in Dubai than listing your business on is the right option.

*A specialized repository:

More specifically, this repository is specialized in different services like air conditioning and painting services.

*Fast indexing in different search engine: is a repository organised in an SEO friendly way making your listing appear fast in search engine.

Lead a social media campaign:

Once you list your business in the different repository it's time now to promote those link in your different social media channels.

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