Studying abroad will allow visiting different countries:

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Studying abroad will allow visiting different countries:


As you know to study abroad in Europe, will allow you to study but also to travel.


As a student you will get a visa type D multi-entry, so you can go to different countries in Europe. You will get stay permit after that and also a permanent work position if you like too. You can take advantage of that.


But you need to ask a question, an important one to find information related to travelling, best places to visit.


Luckily now different portals offer information related to travelling. 


I suggest for example 


This website offers a lot of useful information for travellers like:


Places to visit: 

Most of us find it difficult in the first time to understand from where to start the visit to a country. If you look on the internet you will find information scattered on the net. So you rely on a website like .

 It presents information related to travelling. It presents the best places to visit in each country.


City tour service: 

one good option to opt for is "hope on hope city sightseeing". You will pay more, but you will make sure that you will visit the most beautiful places and attraction of a city.

Food to try: 

It also gives advice about restaurants to visit in Europe. Places where to eat, typical dishes, traditional food and many other recommendations. You may be also looking for food festivals in the city you are travelling to. In these events, you will have the opportunity to try new dishes and discover local tastes. 


Events to attend: 

you may also attend a festival and go to the theatre or attend the cinema. You may also look for an art gallery to buy an artwork. You are looking for good places for that.


Hotel where to spend your night: you are also looking for a hotel where to spend the night, right? So you need to check prices and where to book a hotel room. You need to check prices range, reviews, this will give you an idea about a hotel orB&B. 



Transport is also very important information, will you take a train, bus, or plane, car sharing is also a good alternative. 


Ask a friend: 

You can ask a friend or someone in the place where you go to spend a day. So you will stay with him one night. He will take you for a city tour. He knows well the city. So he will take you automatically to the place he liked most.

 This strategy is pretty cool, and save you a lot of time, effort and you will enjoy your company with your friend. 

This actually what I did with my friend. He lives in Paris. We visited all the monument of the city in one day. We went to Eiffel tour, Moulin rouge, louvre museum, sacré Coeur and many other places in only one day. We really enjoyed our time. 


Join a community: 


One additional option is to take part in a community. There is many on Facebook or on the web. You can travellers community of .


Taking part in this community will let you take advantages of free services offered by the community like hosting, free ride and many other advantages so take advantages of this opportunity and take part in the travel community. 

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