Fully-funded scholarship master and Phd studies at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology KAUST Fellowships 2020-2021

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Fully-funded scholarship in Saudi Arabia

Call for application for scholarships at Kaust university in Saudi Arabia for masters and Phd programs

Kaust University offers a number of scholarships for international students, the call for application for next academic year 2020-2021.

Admissions requirements include:

Official university transcripts

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Statement of purpose

Three letters of recommendation

Official TOEFL or IELTS English language proficiency score

Official GRE scores (GRE submission is encouraged and will enhance an application, but it is not compulsory).

Application deadline: admission on space available basis. 

Degrees Programs:


Involves a significant research component

Typically requires 3 semesters and the intervening summer to complete.

M.S. with Thesis

In addition to Masters Coursework, a thesis is required

Under the supervision of a chosen faculty member.


Involves original research culminating in a dissertation

Typically takes three to fours years to complete.


Combines the M.S. and Ph.D. degree into a single track

Begins upon completion of an Undergraduate Degree.


Unsurpassed Research Facilities and Laboratories


Students who pursue their graduate studies at KAUST gain access to the many state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories within our campus community. Designed for use by graduate students from the master’s level through doctoral, as well as post graduate work and professional research, these facilities present a space for inclusive and collaborative scientific inquiry.

Located on the shores of the Red Sea on our exclusive campus, students are able to conduct research with an international perspective. They work under the supervision and guidance of our leading faculty in any of our ten research facilities, and also collaborate with other students hailing from every corner of the globe.


Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering (BESE)


Plant Science

Environmental Science and Engineering Marine 

Science Bioengineering

Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering (CEMSE)


Applied Mathematics and Computational Science 

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering Statistics

Physical Science and Engineering (PSE)

Chemical Science

Chemical Engineering 

Earth Science and Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering Material Science and Engineering Energy

Resources and Petroleum Engineering Applied Physics.

Core Laboratories

Analytical Chemistry





Coastal and Marine Resources


 Imaging and Characterization

 Central Workshops

Research Centers

Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Center (AMPMC)

 KAUST Catalysis Center (KCC) 

Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC)

 Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center (ANPERC)

 Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC) 

Extreme Computing Research Center (ECRC)

 Visual Computing Research Center (VCRC) 

Red Sea Research Center (RSRC) 

KAUST Solar Center (KSC) 

Water Desalination and Reuse Center (WDRC)


Every admitted student earns the KAUST Fellowship, which grants them:


Full Free Tuition Support

Monthly Living Allowance (From $20,000 to $30,000 annually, depending on qualifications and degree progress)


Medical and dental coverage

Relocation Support

Tuition-Free Graduate Programs

At KAUST, every admitted student is granted the KAUST Fellowship-giving you an unparalleled opportunity to enroll in any of our renowned graduate programs tuition free. You can live on the shores of the Red Sea; conduct groundbreaking research in our state-of-the-art research centers; and receive unsurpassed support through our living stipend, generous scholarship, and extensive academic community.


Students explore some of the most pressing issues facing the world today, from environmental crisis to global water and food supply challenges. Led by our world-class faculty, our students conduct next-level research and invent solutions that will solve the problems of the future. Located on the shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, KAUST presents a unique opportunity to combine an international graduate experience with unsurpassed research-all with the benefit of a tuition-free degree through our KAUST Fellowship.


Application link: 

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