How to write a letter asking for information

Published in 14 Jul 2020 by @Marwen

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- where advertisement seen
- reason for writing
Main paragraph
- time of coming
- length of staying
- price
- children facilities
Main paragraph
- ask for more information
Main paragraph
- facilities
- sport available
Closing remarks - ask for a reply
Full name
Greetings and endings:
- if you don't know the name:
G: Dear Sir/Madam
E: Yours faithfully
- if you know the name:
G: Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms ...
E: Yours sincerely
Useful phrases:
- With reference to your advertisement in...
- I am writing to ask for more information about
- I would be grateful if you could tell me
- Could you also give me some more information about
- I would also like to know if there is
- Could you tell me how many
- I look forward to hearing from you

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