How to Learn Turtle Sketch

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How to Learn Turtle Sketch


Turtles are stunning creatures. It's no surprise you want to learn how to draw one with pencil sketch! Our step-by-step guide on how to draw turtle with pencil sketch is appropriate for children of all ages, including toddlers, school-aged children, and even adults. We're going under the water in this article to show you the general steps of a turtle sketch. You won’t have to always maintain this order, but this might come handy if you want a basic guide/tutorial.

So get your pencils and coloring tools ready, and let's get started!


  1. Draw the Shell of the Turtle

We'll start with the turtle's shell, which is sometimes referred to as the body. Simply draw an oval or an egg-like shape to do this. Then draw another oval shape within that one. Turtles often have two oval shapes in their shells: One is the shell itself, and the other is within the shell. This is why you’ll be needing to draw two oval-like shapes (one inside the other) to make it look like a turtle shell.


  1. Go For the Head and Tail

Draw ahead on the flatter side of the outside oval. Simply draw another oval with a little pointed end to do this for the turtle's head. Draw a tiny ‘V'-like form on the opposite side of the head. That would be a cute little turtle's tail. 


  1. Draw Flippers

Draw the two primary flippers starting at the upper part of the body on either side of the head. Place your pencil on the outside oval with the right flipper and draw a line at an upwards angle and away from the body, then downwards and out, creating a hill-like form. Now with a pencil, start bending it to create a flipper. Follow the same steps to create another flipper on the left side of the upper body of a turtle.


  1. Draw Legs

Next, draw a leaf shape on either side of the lower body of a turtle with the help of a pencil. You can do this by drawing a v like a curve and bringing it back into the turtle's shell. The shape of the legs will look like an un-pointed leaf shape instead of a pointed one.


  1. Draw Details into the Turtle’s Shell

We now need to add additional depth and character to our turtle. Draw a hexagon in the center of the shell's inner oval. Using straight lines, connect the hexagon's points to the oval's edge. This will form a pattern, resulting in a wonderful shell's drawing.


  1. Draw Turtle’s Eyes

To draw a turtle’s eyes, you need to start drawing in the middle top area of the head shape of a turtle. For this, you need to draw a circle, within the circle however, that circle within should be small. Make sure to place the eyes in the right manner beside each other.


  1. Final Details

We all know turtle has some details so why leave them? When you can draw them too? Simply, start adding small circles inside the upper top area of the turtle’s arms and feet.


  1. Start Coloring

Finally, start coloring the turtle. Put color grass green into its skin, and a darker green inside the small circles you added as details within the legs and feet of a turtle. Then, pick a lighter shade of brown and color the outer shell. Now, color the circle within the circle (the hexagon area) with a darker brown shade. And there, you’re done.


Final Thoughts

Drawing turtle is easy and fun. If you want to learn more, you can always search tutorials on YouTube about sea turtle drawings, read blogs with a step-by-step guide, and you’re good to go.

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