Adlerbert Study Scholarships at Chalmers University of Technology

Published in 18 Dec 2023 by @Marwen

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Adlerbert Study Scholarships at Chalmers University of Technology
Adlerbert Study Scholarships at Chalmers University of Technology

Brief description:

The Alderbert Study Scholarships offers scholarships to students who are citizens of one of 143 countries. The scholarship comprises a full tuition fee waiver and is funded by the the Adlerbert Foundations.

Host Institution(s):

Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden

Level/Field(s) of study:

Unrestricted – all of the current Master’s Programmes at Chalmers

Number of Scholarships:

4 scholarships will be awarded in 2024

Target group:

Citizens of 143 developing countries

Scholarship value/inclusions/duration:

The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fees (4 semesters/2 year programme)


The scholarships are open to 1st year Master’s programme applicants and citizens of 143 eligible countries.

The selection is based on the applicants’ relative academic excellence, which primarily includes weighted average grade but also home University’s stature (including position on global ranking lists) and priority order of the application for Chalmers Master’s Programmes.

Application instructions:

To apply, you must first make an online application to at least one of the Master’s programmes offered by Chalmers at the website universityadmissions.se from 16 October 2023 – 15 January 2024. Each applicant is assigned an application number (from your application for Master’s programmes at universityadmissions.se) and this number is required in order to complete the scholarship application.

Application for scholarships administered by Chalmers University of Technology is a separate application process. The deadline for scholarship applications is 17 January 2024.

It is important to read the how to apply page and visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website: https://www.chalmers.se/en/education/application-and-admission/scholarships-for-fee-paying-students/

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