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You have been planning to join a music course but you are starving where to find the best programs in the USA.  It a good idea to search online, or ask a friend for a recommendation but in this article, we will suggest one of the best choices of the year especially if you want to study in the United States of America Glendale, Arizona.

In this article we will enumerate the advantages of enrolling in this course:

This program is open to everybody:

Studying in the note room academy of music is open to everyone fan of music and willing to study.

The good thing is that learning music at an early age has a lot of benefits for kids and helps them build their self-confidence. Moreover, kids are able to develop their skills easily and faster when they start very young playing an instrument. This course is open for adults. In fact, many start playing music as a hobby, or in order to release stress. This actually works very well.

Program is open for all ages:

One additional advantage of this course is the absence of age restriction.  The good thing is that this academy hasn’t an age restriction. This gives the opportunity to students and music lovers worldwide to join the academy and practice their hobby.  They will be trained by a highly qualified instructor.

No admission test:

This academy gives the chance for anyone the chance to study. It uses a special methodology in assessing each student level, relying more on instructor assessment of student level. One additional thing is that this academy uses innovative tools in student assessment and this gives the proper time to evaluate the student.

The course is open to all nationalities:

Many international students are planning to study abroad especially in the USA, others are looking for a music course abroad to get some hands-on experience. And most of the qualified music instructors are from the USA. So if you are from Vienna Austria and you would like to live an experience abroad and get in touch with a different environment of learning this academy is a good fit.

Qualified music instructors willing to provide you with the best learning experience:

You know of course that being mentored by an expert instructor helps you learn faster and makes your learning process smooth. The instructors of the academy share with you years of experience and skills acquired during years of learning. Moreover, the instructors hold advanced certifications making them able to understand better, we speak here about pedagogy.

Different musical instruments are available:

A wide range of instruments is available to learn the piano, violin, or guitar. The Music Academy offers a wide range of instruments thanks to their instructors enough skilled and ready to teach you. Some of the instructors know more than one instrument at the same time.

Should I take my child there at which age?

The good thing in this academy is that most of the course is private, and answer the students’ needs independently of their age.  For example, a piano course is a combinaison of fun and learning. However, 4 years if the appropriate age for joining a music course.  The younger you join the better skills you will have. And of course, you will discover whether or not playing an instrument is your appropriate age. The school gives you the opportunity try different instruments in such a way you will understand which one fits you best. You will not waist you trying playing an instrument and after you will discover that this instrument is not yours.

An opportunity to learn writing music:

You painfully find a music course with an opportunity to write music too, most of the time you will have the chance to play your instrument only. Moreover, enrolled music students will be able to read notes even the most sophisticated ones. You will, in that case, combine theory with practice which is not something that you can find in any music course.

How much will I pay for this course:

One of the advantages of this course is that it comes with a high value proposition and accessible prizes. It offers you the opportunity to study music with contract engagement where you have to pay huge amounts for enrollment. You will pay only for hours that you took and also the manual book.

Easy ways to do the payment online:

The notes academy accepts payment online; it offers a wide range of payment options American Express, Master card, or even visa card. So you can do your enrolment from home no need to spend much time traveling from your house to school. All can be done online.

Is there an improvisation class:

In the notes academy, students are given the opportunity to improvise and this one of the advantages of the course it gives much liberty during courses supervised by highly qualified instructors things you can’t find elsewhere.

How to join the music course:

Phone and email support are available for any questions related to enrolment or course intake period or any related course, there is a team willing to serve and ready to answer.

Types of musical instruments:

The Academy offers lessons in piano, guitar, voice, violin, and drum. So you have a wide choice of instruments to select between.

What do you know about instructors?

Shirley Hayes Mollyhorn: Shirley studied piano and she has a big experience in the field, serving and performing with different troupes in churches, festivals, weddings. She is part of an important music association in the USA and Italy. Learning from her is a unique experience thanks to more than 20 years of experience with piano.

Melissa Iglesias: She is also a piano instructor with a big music career, she serves as a private piano instructor for different schools piano lessons in Glendale, Arizona is one of them.

She is part of many music organizations in the USA. She has experience teaching music in school and she always been a source of joy and inspiration for kids at school.

Judy Pierre: is a real expert in piano, with several certifications and she is also a member of the Phoenix Music Teachers Association. She knows to play also Clarinet, Contrabass, Guitar, Saxophone, and drums. This makes being her student a unique experience. She received many grants and scholarships thanks to her talent. She is a real inspiration for her students.

Dr. Marian Dura: with 40 years experience in the music world, being your tutor will help a lot to your learning process, she combines theory and practice. She teaches undergraduates and postgraduates. She teaches in many universities where she assures high-quality music learning.

Adam Bei: is also one of the instructor of the school assuring course of Piano, Voice, Guitar, and Drums

Discount and incentives: There is a Referral Incentives of 20% off tuition to any current student who refers a new student to The Note Room Academy of Music Studio. So you enroll first in school and ask your friends to join in order to benefit from discounts.


The school records usually the performance of its students on the academy website. So you can get an idea about the learning environment and the atmosphere. This will help make a decision about which course to join. Students performance includes also concerts and contests.

You can get more information about piano lessons in Glendale, Arizona here.




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