Little known ways to improve teaching tools the Finnish method as an example:

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Little known ways to improve teaching tools the Finnish method as an example:



Recently teaching methods are changing very fast especially for children. We speak about different methods. We don't know which one is more efficient and more adequate for children in primary school.
Many primary schools are aware of this issue. they are working seriously to provide a better learning environment.
Different methods are being used and results vary from one school to another. We try to understand in this article different methods. We will give also an example of a successful school, using these tools.
Nowadays we speak for example about a Finnish teaching method.
This method is very successful. It provides great results in the long run and improves children results. But how these methods are very efficient. they are efficient for the following reasons:


*Finnish teaching method gives a lot of freedom to children:
Students have a lot of free time, they can choose to do additional activities. they can learn new things while playing and have larger time to choose among different activities.
This method gives children the opportunity to children to choose among different activities.
This is not possible in an education system where children are overwhelmed with multiple Homeworks and subjects.


*Finnish teaching method focuses on highly qualified teachers:
The Finnish method gives a lot of importance to teachers. Schools using this method, select highly qualified teachers with good experience. The experience is not related to to the subject itself, but also to the pedagogy they are using. Are they able enough to explain in better way subjects and did students understand their teachers fast?
Finnish teaching exams are not easy or difficult they are balanced:
It is difficult to choose the right content for exams. How can you evaluate students in a proper way? Finnish teaching methods try to provide the right exam for the children according to their age and abilities.
Today we see the newborn of online schools in Uk combining different teaching methods like the Finnish teaching method.
We will speak today about BOS Homeschooling  which is a pioneer in the field. This school uses the latest teaching methods and the most efficient ones. Students can learn from home and go to school two times a week. This school is based in the united kingdom. It is the first online Muslim school in United kingdom.
Reasons why this school is a pioneer in the field of education:
*It uses some Finnish teaching method.
*it provides a great environment and learning conditions: Students feel less stressed and more focused 
*children stay focused thanks to additional breaks: The school use brain breaks method which has proved to be very efficient as children take 15 mins to break after every 45 mins class and are more focused when they come back to class.
*Teachers are highly qualified: University gives a lot of attention to their teaching qualification.
*fees: fees are not expensive compared to other private schools where parents have to pay a lot of excessive fees.
All these factors make BOS Homeschooling unique school in the field. They selected the most successful tools in teaching.

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