Short Films Competition and Festival in the US and the Opportunity to Win Valuable Prizes 2020

Short Films Competition and Festival in the US and the Opportunity to Win Valuable Prizes 2020

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The Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival (ALIFFF) invites artists from all around the world to participate in the 2020 competition with their short films or features. This competition is the only annual dedicated genre film festival in the fifth-largest city in the United States: Phoenix, AZ.

Participation Rules:

  1. Submissions can be short films or features. There is no minimum length (a 51-second film was screened in 2017) but short films should not exceed 30 minutes and features should run longer than 70 minutes. 
  2. Submissions should fit well within in the fantastic genres. There will certainly be sets dedicated to horror and science fiction short films. Any other short film sets that we program will depend on the quality and breadth of submissions. Send in enough quality fantasy, action or cult films, for instance, and there will be sets put together just for them. 
  3. Films only need to be submitted in one category. The competition reserves the right to select your film for a different category than the one for which you submitted it. The judges also select their award-winners based on their own criteria. For instance, in 2018, one film was submitted as Horror, screened in the Other set and yet won Best Science Fiction Short; it fit appropriately in all three categories.
  4. Contributions are valued from all over the world (the word 'international' in the event title is very deliberate) but any submissions not in the English language must be accompanied by English subtitles. In both 2017 and 2018, the five awards went to films from five different countries.
  5. Submissions should be digital-only. It is also recommended that you allow the screeners the ability to download decent quality copies of your submissions from FilmFreeway so that they can watch them on their big-screen TVs rather than tiny laptop or tablet screens. 
  6. Any submission that doesn't fit within a wide definition of fantastic film; runs longer than 30 minutes (for a short film) or shorter than 70 minutes (for a feature); or is not either in English or accompanied by English subtitles will be disqualified as invalid (unless it has been agreed otherwise beforehand). No refunds will be given.


In 2020, at least the same five awards as previous years will be given out. Three are for shorts (Best Horror, Best Science Fiction, and Best Other), decided by our panel of judges, which changes every year. The Best Feature award is voted on by the live audience. The Festival Director's Award goes to anyone film of special merit in the opinion of the festival director. Other prizes may or may not be added: that will depend on the breadth of submissions that come in.

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