Job Opportunity as a Livestock Market Assessment Officer at Mercy Corps in Somalia 2020

Deadline : 09 Mar 2020

Nonprofit organization: Mercy Corps

Study level: Undergraduate

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Job Opportunity as a Livestock Market Assessment Officer at Mercy Corps in Somalia 2020

Mercy Corps is offering a job opportunity for a Livestock Market Assessment Officer to join the team in Somalia for 2020.


  1. Carry out assessments in the target geographic areas to understand livestock market dynamics, actors, obstacles, opportunities, and linkages to promote productive growth and integration of regional livestock market systems.
  2. Liaise with policy-makers and government representatives to understand policy constraints to cross-border livestock trade and movement.
  3. Support with analysis of the markets and market systems relevant to the program interventions, including documenting and analyzing observations and results as well as drawing relevant conclusions to inform future intervention strategies.
  4. Support with a gender assessment to identify non-market factors that either inhibit or enable the participation of women and men in market systems.
  5. Identify small business activities and value-addition opportunities that strengthen economic opportunities, especially for rural youth, in the identified sectors as informed by assessments.
  6. Undertake a stakeholder mapping exercise to identify key private, public and civil society actors in the livestock sector, their role, and opportunities to strengthen their engagement in productive and inclusive livestock systems.
  7. Participate in the risk analysis to assess how environment, conflict and economic risks affect the supporting functions, rules, and norms within each market system and their effects on young women and men.
  8. Introduce the program to relevant stakeholders including local business owners, financial service providers, local government offices concerned with economic growth and services, and actors to foster positive cooperation and forge links for the youth between market actors, producers, end users.
  9. Gather and document information to generate learning and documentation
  10. Analyze project implementation strategies to identify constraints to program success and provide timely recommendations;
  11. Submit timely reports as requested by the program leadership.
  12. Support with the establishment of productive partnerships with relevant market actors and proactively contribute to managing productive relationships to inform strategy design.
  13. Coordinate with counterpart agencies and organizations involved in market system development and resilience initiatives for information exchange, learning and optimizing efforts and resources.
  14. Work within local government strategic plans for resource management and advocate for cohesive implementation of projects that demonstrate government responsiveness to community processes.
  15. Maintain productive working relationships with sub-county and county leaders and local government departments as directed by the line manager.
  16. Identify opportunities for social innovation and enterprise that could be launched through catalytic investments from public and private sector initiatives.
  17. Support events, exhibits, workshops that bring private and public sector entities together to collectively review and discuss program strategies and recommendations.

Knowledge and experience required:

  1. BA or equivalent.
  2. 3-4 year experience in one or more of these sectors: livestock, micro/small business development, trade.
  3. Experience in youth and/or gender programming and advantage.
  4. Experience in livelihoods and resilience programming especially through application of market-based approaches.
  5. Strong writing and report development skills.
  6. Prior experience in developing partnerships with both private and public actors as part of program implementation in achieving project goals.
  7. Excellent teamwork abilities and interpersonal skills.
  8. Excellent written and spoken English skills are required. Fluency in Somali is required for this role.

About Mercy Corps:

Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians who partner with communities, corporations and governments to transform lives around the world. Their mission is to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. Their 5,000+ team members work with people in the world’s most vulnerable communities across 40+ countries. 87 percent of the team is from the countries where they work.

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