Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding 2020 and Worth Pool of $2.000.000

Deadline : 30 Jun 2020

Specialities: Languages

Study level: Vocational Education

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Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding 2020 and Worth Pool of $2.000.000

Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding is now accepting entries for 2020 edition.The Award seeks to honor translators and acknowledge their role in strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation amongst peoples and nations of the world. It hopes to reward merit and excellence, encourage creativity, uphold the highest moral and ethical standards, and spread the values of diversity, pluralism and openness.

The Award also aspires to inculcate a culture of knowledge and dialogue, promote Arab and Islamic culture, develop international understanding, and encourage mature crosscultural interaction between Arabic and other world languages through the medium of translation.

Award rules:

  1. Nominations at present are limited to the fields of the humanities and the social sciences.
  2. Submissions can be made by individuals or institutions (publishing houses, research centers, translation institutes, university departments, etc.).
  3. All nominees must be living at the time of the nomination.
  4. Only one translated work is accepted for nomination by individuals in the First Category. Institutions can nominate up to three translated works by three different translators.
  5. All nominated translations in the First Category must have been published in the five years prior to the announcement date of the Award.
  6. The Achievement Prizes are not subject to time limitation and can be awarded to a set of works/achievements of a lifetime.
  7. The Steering Committee has the right to nominate translators and/or translations that had not been nominated.
  8. The Steering Committee has the right to avail itself of the winning translations and translators in advertising, publicity and promotion of the Award.
  9. Winners of any SHATIU prize cannot be accepted for nomination again before the passage of five years.

Award total value:

The total value of the award is two million (US$2,000,000) US Dollars.

Award categories (year 2020):

  1. Translation from Arabic into English (200,000 USD).
  2. Translation from English into Arabic (200,000 USD).
  3. Translation from Arabic into Persian (200,000 USD).
  4. Translation from Persian into Arabic (200,000 USD).
  5. Achievement Award (200,000 USD).

Achievement Awards:
 The value of each one of these awards is maximum (US$100.000):

  1. Translation from Arabic into Pashto.
  2. Translation from Pashto  into Arabic.
  3. Translation from Arabic into Bengali.
  4. Translation from Bengali into Arabic.
  5. Translation from Arabic into Swedish. 
  6. Translation from Swedish into Arabic. 
  7. Translation from Arabic into Korean.
  8. Translation from Korean into Arabic. 
  9. Translation from Arabic into Hausa.
  10. Translation from Uzbek into Hausa.

About Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding:

Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding was founded in Doha, Qatar (2015). It is an international prize run by a board of trustees, a steering committee and independent panels of judges. Award objectives:

  1. To honor translators and acknowledge their role in building bridges between nations and peoples of the world.
  2. To encourage individuals, publishing houses, Arab and international organizations and institutions to show more interest in creative and quality translations from/into Arabic.
  3. To contribute to improving the quality of translation from/into Arabic based on excellence, accuracy and cognitive and intellectual value.
  4. To enrich the Arab culture with significant works of world literature, art and science, and to equally enrich the world cultural heritage with translations of creative Arab and Islamic cultural products.
  5. To acknowledge contributions made by any individual or institution to spreading the culture of peace and international understanding.

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