Partial Master’s Scholarship in Ireland at the SPIRe of the University College Dublin

Deadline : 15 Jun 2020

Nonprofit organization: University College Dublin

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Partial Master’s Scholarship in Ireland at the SPIRe of the University College Dublin

Specialities: Law

Study level: Undergraduate

Opportunities: Scholarships

UCD School of Politics and International Relations (SPIRe) is announcing a call for applications for the 2020-21 Graduate Scholarship scheme. The overall aim of the scheme is to attract applicants of the highest academic standards to participate in the UCD SPIRe graduate programme (Masters) and provide them with the training, experience and mentorship necessary to their professional development. 

Terms and Conditions:-

  • Scholarships are tenable for one year and are non-renewable.

  • All students in receipt of a Scholarship are given the opportunity to develop the practical application of their academic skills by ongoing training and experience of undergraduate tutorial teaching, assessment and pedagogical development. This process is a core component of this scholarship programme and it also ensures that the undergraduate students benefit from the expertise and knowledge of high performing graduate students. As with the formal taught component of the student's graduate programme, this is a required element. 

  • It will amount to over 4 hours per week during each of the two 12-week teaching semesters, including up to 21 hours per semester of mentored undergraduate teaching.

  • Successful applicants will be assigned to a specific academic mentor in addition to their graduate programme director.

  • Scholarships will be awarded only to those who are registered as full-time UCD SPIRe students over the period of the Scholarship. 

  • Students may also be assigned duties such as invigilation or supervised examination of scripts, but these duties will be paid in addition at normal university rates and conditions. All Graduate Scholarship students are welcomed as part of the UCD SPIRe research community and as such are expected to participate fully in the scholarly life of the School, inclusive of research seminars, conferences and other scholarly events.

  • Applications will be accepted from suitably qualified applicants regardless of nationality or residence. Applicants, however, must make their own visa/consular arrangements to ensure that they are eligible to reside in Ireland for the duration of their studies.

  • Applicants are expected to have an excellent undergraduate degree from a highly regarded third level institution and to be qualified for direct admission to the UCD SPIRe graduate programme of their choice. A provisional offer of a Graduate Scholarship may be subject to specified conditions.

  • To be considered, applicants must complete the appropriate application form and must also have applied for admission to one of the SPIRe masters programmes by the scholarship deadline and be formally enrolled by the start of the semester.

  • Successful applicants must be present at UCD by the start of the semester.

  • If you are in receipt of another scholarship, you should notify the School as this may affect the fee remission.

  • The School Graduate Studies Committee will construct an appropriate selection board and make its recommendations on selection to the Head of School.

  • Applications will be evaluated and ranked by a Selection Board according to the following criteria:

    • Academic excellence.

    • The academic testament of referees.

    • Prior experience and formation in chosen field of study, including prior professional experience and training.

    • Potential contribution to the School.

    • Candidate’s career potential.

  • Once scholarships are issued, students must indicate acceptance in writing within one week of the notification. It is the student’s responsibility to formally accept the offer. A non-response will be considered as declining the offer.


Non-EU students will receive a fee remission of up to half the scheduled EU fee of the programme to which they are registered plus the annual stipend of €750.

Available Master Programmes:-

  • Politics.
  • Middle East Politics.
  • Politics & International Relations (part-time).
  • International Relations.
  • European Politics and Policy Making.
  • Political Theory.
  • Peace and Conflict.
  • International Development.
  • European Public Affairs and Law.
  • International Political Economy.
  • Human Rights.
  • Development Practice.
  • Gender, Politics and International Relations.
  • Politics and Data Science.
  • Politics and International Relations.
  • International Development.

About UCD SPIRe:-

UCD School of Politics and International Relations (SPIRe) is the oldest and the largest school of its kind in the Republic of Ireland. SPIRe is an international school offering diverse programs of study at graduate and undergraduate level. ‌SPIRe is a dynamic, multi-faceted and highly-international school offering exciting and professionally-valuable programmes of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Its academic staff are engaged in cutting-edge research on a wide variety of political issues, including ethno-political conflict, human rights, and Ireland's role in the European Union.

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