Turkish Scholarship Interview and Result Announcement, 2020

Turkish Scholarship Interview and Result Announcement, 2020

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Applications for the Turkish government scholarship is closed and most of our readers are wondering what’s the next step? Well, the whole scholarship includes different stages that we will try to explain in this content. Furthermore, the content will shed light on the Turkish Scholarship Interview, Result Announcement and Visa Application.

The Turkish Government Scholarship (Türkiye Bursları) is a fully funded programme that is available for international students to study in Turkey for free. The Turkish scholarship is one of the most accessible scholarships for most students, as the application process is done online without the need to send any hard copy. Last year, the scholarship has received about 150 000 applications. The programme has already helped thousands of students who got their university degrees.

Türkiye Scholarships provide following benefits to successful applicants: university and programme placement, monthly allowance, Tuition Fee, Flight Ticket, Health Insurance, accommodation, one year Turkish Language Course, etc. Turkish Scholarship Interview, Result Announcement and Visa Application are part of the scholarship application phases. The 2020-2021 Turkish scholarship application timeline is as follows:

  1. Applications: January 15, 2020 – February 20, 2020;
  2. Evaluation: February – May 2020;
  3. Interviews: March – June 2020;
  4. Results Announcement: July 2020;
  5. Scholarship Agreement and Visa Procedures: July – August 2020;
  6. Arrival in Turkey: 10 – 20 September 2020.

Turkish Government Scholarship Application Evaluation

After the application period, submitted materials and application form are carefully reviewed by expert committees. The examination is done using set of criteria including academic performance, interests, career goals, qualifications, clarity of the letter of intent, etc. At the end, qualified candidates are shortlisted for interviews.

Turkish Scholarship Interview

Shortlisted candidates for interview will receive an email from turkiyeburslari indicating that they have been selected for an interview. The email will contain details information about the interview such as the date, time and place. Interview invitation emails will be sent to preselected candidates within the period indicated above.

Therefore, candidates are advised to check their emails box and spam folder regularly. In fact, this email may sometimes be sent to the spam folder and you may end up missing the interview and there by losing your chance to be selected.

How Turkish scholarship interview is organized?

Since last year, the interview phase is preceded by a written exam that tests your knowledge according to the chosen field of study. While writing this article we’ve contacted last year Turkish scholarship interview attendants and it turns out that the written exam mostly concerns those who have applied for undergraduate programmes.

None of the master or PhD applicants we’ve contacted have passed the written exam. Only undergraduate applicants have confirmed they attended a written exam which is about mathematics and psycho-technical test and lasted approximately 30 minutes. By gathering information from last year attendants, we think the exam is similar to the entrance examination for foreign or overseas students willing to study at university level in Turkey.

The exam’s name in Turkish is YÖS (YABANCI UYRUKLU ÖĞRENCİ SINAVI) and you can use that keyword to find passed exams. Please note that the YÖS exam is organized by universities and questions may differ from one university to another. You may click here to see the last two years exams that have been organized by Istanbul University, with their respective Answer Key. For example, the 2019 exam last for 135 minutes.

Once again, we are not saying this will be the exact exam you will pass or the exam will last 30 minutes. We are just trying to give you some insights on what we think may relate to the written exam that took place last year after doing some research.

Turkish Government scholarship Interview

Here is how the oral interview is done in general.

i – Welcome and introduction

The committee introduces themselves and explains the flow of the interview. Then they ask you to present yourself. Briefly introduce yourself and add any information you think may distinguish you from other candidates.

ii – Document control

While introducing yourself, a member of the committee checks your documents. Just make sure that you bring original copies of documents you have submitted in the online application system.

iii – Candidate’s motivation

At this point, candidates are expected to explain the reason why they wish to study abroad, why they choose Turkey as a study destination and any other reasons. For example, some may choose to study abroad a PhD degree because such major does not exist or is not well established in their countries. Others may be interested in learning more about Turkish culture while studying and keep strong relation between Turkey and their countries after their studies.

iv – Academic knowledge and career goals

This section is very important and should be able to show that you possess background knowledge about the field you’re willing to study in. You may be asked questions about the academic field you’ve already completed or you wish to start, your career plans and future goals. This part evaluate your academic standing and your future plans.

v – Ending and candidate’s questions

At the end of the interview, the committee will give you some information about where and when to get the interview results. They will allow you to ask any question you may have in mind. They will conclude by thanking you and wishing you good luck.

Note: At each section provided above, you may be asked many questions. However, you should be aware that most of the questions will be related to information you provided while filling your online application. In fact, they will have a copy of your online application with them during the interview. Therefore, it’s important that you provide accurate answer by telling the truth and being consistent with provided information in the online form.

Some questions that you may be asked during the Turkish scholarship interview

Why have you chosen to study in a given field?

Why have you selected x or y university?

What will be the contribution of that specific field for your country in terms of development?

Is it a domain that has labour shortage in your country?

How do you think you can strengthen relations between Turkey and your country after your graduation?

What is your future career plan?

You may also be asked general questions about the Turkish republic like the name of the President, the name of the Prime Minister, who was Atatürk, etc. It’s important that you have some information about your chosen universities and general knowledge about Turkey and its history (e.g. The Ottoman Empire).

In addition, you may be asked whether you speak Turkish language. Don’t panic if you don’t. Most applicants do not speak Turkish language. Furthermore, the scholarship includes one year Turkish class before the beginning of specific major studies. However, we think the committee will be impressed to hear you say hello and some basic words in Turkish.

Please click here to learn Turkish language online as in Turkish language Institutes. Provided by the Yunus Emre Institute, the platform is an easy and entertaining tool to learn Turkish language. The online system is free to use and it provides ‘must-have-phrases’ that you can use in everyday conversations so that you have some basic language skills before arriving in Turkey.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Result Announcement an Agreement signature

After the interviews phase, there will be a second evaluation of applications. The evaluation panel will then make their final decision in selecting winners of the Turkish scholarship and arrange their placements in Turkish Universities.

Selected candidate will receive an email from turkiyeburslari announcing them that they have been selected for the scholarship. They must first accept the scholarship offer, then download the Scholarship Agreement through the online platform and sign it. The Nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate will keep a copy of the signed Agreement.

Turkiye Burslari VISA application process

Foreign students willing to study in Turkey need to get a visa in order to enter the country. Therefore, Winners of the Turkish Government Scholarship will receive all necessary documents they need to apply for a visa. Candidates must get in touch with the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate to have further information and apply for the visa. Student visa application generally requires following documents.

  1. a valid passport;
  2. offer of scholarship;
  3. visa application form to be obtained from consulates;
  4. passport photograph; and
  5. visa fee if needed.

Please note: consulates may request other documents as well.

After this step, candidates will be asked to provide prospective dates they are willing to travel to Turkey. Flight tickets will be booked in their name, and they will receive electronic version of those tickets. Well, candidates can then take their flights to start their new adventure in Turkey.

Note: do not forget to bring all necessary documents (original copies) as you will need them to carry out scholarship procedures and university registration in Turkey.

Answers to some common questions about the Turkish government scholarship

Q1: Do I need to pay when applying for the Turkish scholarship?

A: No. Application is free and the process is carried out online.

Q3: I made a mistake on my application form. What should I do now?

A: It’s not a problem if you’re in such position. During the interview, you will be asked if there is something you would like to correct on your application form. If not, simply tell the committee that you’ve made a mistake and it will be corrected.

Q3: How can I know if I’ve been selected for the Turkish scholarship interview?

A: The only way to know your status is through your email and/or your Turkish scholarship online platform account. If you’re selected, you will receive an email with necessary information about the interview.

Q4: When will we have the Turkish scholarship results?

A: According to official announcement, candidates should start receiving results in July 2020. Again, if you’re selected, you will receive an email indicating that. Also, do not forget to check your account regularly on the Turkish scholarship online platform.

We would like to thank those who helped us while writing this content. We hope that information provided here will be useful to our readers who have applied for the Turkish scholarship or willing to apply in the future, to understand the Turkish scholarship application phases. Best of luck!

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