Post-doc : design and measure of semiconductor 2D array of quantum dots (M/F)

Post-doc : design and measure of semiconductor 2D array of quantum dots (M/F)

France 02 Mar 2021



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02 Mar 2021
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The goal of the project is to design and measure semiconductor 2D array of quantum dots to perform basic quantum operations. More precisely, we will start with two electron spin qubits coupled together in an array of quantum dots. We will investigate how to measure the spin state of such system and how to implement two-Qubit logic gates. We will increase the number of electron spin s under control, study their interaction via spin read-out of pair of electron spins.

Quantum dot arrays have been identified as a promising platform for digital quantum information processing that could harness existing Si based technologies. Furthermore they offer perspectives as analogical quantum simulators. Single qubit and two-qubits gates have been demonstrated on electrostatically defined quantum dots (QD) on GaAs and more recently on Si. In addition, analogical simulators have also been demonstrated on small systems. The next challenge of the field is to scale up those systems to use more quantum dots to tackle more complex problems both for quantum information processing and quantum simulation.

AlGaAs samples will be fabricated at Institut Néel. Si samples will be fabricated at CEA-LETI with a state of the art CMOS facility to enable maximum output and reproducibility. To control and manipulate the electron spin coherently, the applicant will benefit from the long-standing expertise of the Neel-group in AlGaAs based electron spin qubits (computer control, low temperature cryogenics, low-noise electronics, Radiofrequency electronics).
The Institut NEEL is one of the largest French national research institutes for fundamental research in condensed matter physics enriched by interdisciplinary activities at the interfaces with chemistry, engineering and biology. It is located in the heart of a unique scientific, industrial and cultural environment. It is part of one of Europe's biggest high-tech environment in micro- and nanoelectronics, right next to the French Alpes.

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