WiseGeek Law No-Essay Scholarship

WiseGeek Law No-Essay Scholarship



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500 $
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16 Aug 2022
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Full funding
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Lawyers play a vital role in protecting the freedoms and rights of all Americans.

Many budding lawyers find it difficult to break into the field and excel after law school since 74% of them incur large amounts of debt after graduating. Instead of continuing to master their craft in law, many students must worry about paying off their student loan debt, often displacing them from their practice as a whole.

Additionally, the test fee required for the LSAT exam is $200, and the required LSAC registration fee is $185. It costs another $185 to have your law school report generated through the LSAC service. For the BAR exam, it’s $575 each time you take it. 

Needless to say, the costs quickly add up.

To support the promising careers of aspiring lawyers across the country, the Wisegeek Law No-Essay Scholarship will be given to one student who is pursuing a degree, JD, or is interested in pursuing either in law. 

Desired Career: Lawyer

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