Scholarships Program for Young Clinicians in Implantology Worth 21,885 USD from ITI

Scholarships Program for Young Clinicians in Implantology Worth 21,885 USD from ITI

Switzerland 01 Jul 2022
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Matsumae International Foundation

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01 Jul 2022
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The International Team for Implantology (ITI) is offering a scholarship program for young clinicians to gain international experience in implant dentistry. The ITI awards up to 25 Scholarships each year. The program allows scholars to acquire insight into case planning, implant surgery and prosthetic restorations and, in most ITI Scholarship Centers, also into research and teaching.

About the Program:-

  • The goals of the ITI Scholarship program are to help clinicians further their training in implant dentistry and related treatment. The program fosters international exchange along with professional networking as an enriching educational experience and helps to develop future leaders in implant education.
  • ITI Scholars spend one year (September 1 to August 31) at one of the ITI Scholarship Centers around the world. These are university departments or clinics under the supervision of highly experienced, longstanding ITI Fellows. 
  • The Scholarship Centers have been chosen for their ability to provide insight into every aspect of implant treatment in line with the ITI philosophy, which encompasses scientific credibility and a sense of responsibility towards the patient.
  • Each Scholarship Center organizes its Scholarship program independently. Candidates can determine where their needs will best be served by reading the description of each of the Scholarship Centers.

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