Coffee and Cafe Culture Photo Contest offered by Photocrowd

Coffee and Cafe Culture Photo Contest offered by Photocrowd

Algeria 03 Sep 2022


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03 Sep 2022
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Photocrowd is launching a photo contest, on the theme of "Coffee and Cafe Culture” as each and everyone interested in creative photography is invited to take part in this contest.

The joy of a well-prepared coffee, served just as you like it, and enjoyed ideally at leisure in a cafe setting, surrounded by society. Coffeehouses are deeply rooted in tradition, They originated in the Middle East back in the 15th century, and then gradually conquered the world from the 17th century onwards, developing their own regional expressions and knitting themselves into daily life. We come together in cafes to take time out, rest the feet, read the news, see old friends and catch up on the gossip. And the rituals of coffee preparation and enjoyment are many, in recent times enjoying something of a resurgence, with baristas serving single origin coffee found on seemingly every street.

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