Non Architecture’s Infinite Labyrinth design Contest

Non Architecture’s Infinite Labyrinth design Contest

Algeria 01 Oct 2022
Non Architecture

Non Architecture

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01 Oct 2022
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Non Architecture is inviting your to take part in Infinite Labyrinth design competition.  As in 2020 we started the second phase of competitions to address the issues of tomorrow. In line with our style we propose 9+2 themes – eleven critical topics to work on. Rather than a program, a research ecosystem composed of various competitions running in parallel and exploring the same theme from different perspectives. Our exploration journey will continue with theme five: VIRTUAL.

Participants are asked to design a labyrinth in floorplan – with a specific size and entrance points. All the remaining aspects of the maze are completely open to interpretation. Once combined and published on our Instagram feed, all the floorplans submitted will compose an endless sequence of labyrinthic rooms, infinite, just like the social media scrolling experience.


  1. Gain experience and recognition, request a participation certificate, and post it on your Linkedin or CV!
  2. Design a new puzzle piece to be added to your Portfolio or Behance page, keep developing your assets!
  3. Give space to your creativity by solving a given challenge, it is satisfying!
  4. Get to know better your team or your own design-thinking skills, it is fun!

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