Green Store - Challenge to design a Florist store

Green Store - Challenge to design a Florist store

Worldwide 17 Aug 2022


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17 Aug 2022
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Category: Design/Architecture

The design of any space is an individualistic expression of thoughts and desires. It gives us a sense of belonging, much like how Alice feels welcomed and accepted in wonderland. Brief: The challenge is to design an earth-sheltered holiday home that is inspired by the fantasy world in the fantasy novel ‘Alice in Wonderland. The design of the structure must tell the story of this classic fable in some form. The holiday home will consist of multiple units for accommodating guests visiting the site. It can be partially or fully buried underground. The terrain of the site can be utilized or the land can be manipulated to create earth shelter stay spaces. The material and construction techniques used must create a comfortable environment inside. Sustainable strategies for ventilation, lighting, and so on can be incorporated to maintain a natural experience for people.

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