Why we need to join an online program on Coursera

Why we need to join an online course on Coursera

Online courses have become the future of studies and can even replace studies abroad because you can study in top ranked universities without spending money for your stay abroad, for your travel etc.



One of the most successful and known examples is the Coursera website. Being a US, UK facing problems to get an additional training in a university, Coursera could be the solution. You can even join online course in France in very famous universities. This will strengthen you CV with a training entirely taught in France delivered by a prestigious university due to the numerous well recognized partners in the coursera website. The courses are of high quality. Many universities in all countries offer high quality courses accessible at any time.

The service is free if you do not wish to have a certificate. However, you have to pay an amount between 50 and 100 euros on average per training.

 This training can also be for free depending on the applicants’ resource conditions.

How to join a specialization course or master's degree on Coursera

Just go to coursera and fill out a form, giving a valid email address. If you want to take a certification course, you will have to make a digital copy of your identity card. It will be stored in the United States.

 Important! The diploma of coursera are being more and more recognized in Europe, and in the United States of America:

Most courses provide a certificate. These certificates are increasingly worth in the job market. Many students benefit from the added value provided by the certificate of Coursera in their CV.


What training can we follow:

Coursera offers a wide range of training courses.

Course sequence?

The courses are composed of videos and some educational documents, with a bibliography. Videos are usually short, usually between 5 and 15 minutes.

The courses are very clear and attractive.

The courses are offered by professors who are notorious in their field.

They usually teach in top ranked universities.

Most videos are with subtitles, which makes it easier to consult. The English used in the courses is academic.

 What level should we have:

The level required by the training, is stated at the course details.

How is the exam:

In general, the following steps are used in evaluation:

Multiple choice questions.

Essays to write,

The learner will also have to correct some tests.

So you can choose between different online courses;

To register for a course, follow this link

click here.


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