Call for application, Fully funded Phd scholarship at Tartu university Estonia

Call for application, Fully funded Phd scholarship at Tartu university Estonia

Estonia 31 Dec 2022
The university of Tartu

The university of Tartu

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31 Dec 2022
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PhD programmes at all faculties of the University of Tartu are free of charge. PhD students studying full time  have the right to receive a monthly stipend of 660 euros.

Eligibility requirements for PhD allowance:

PhD students whose studies are funded by the Estonian government, i.e. are studying at state-funded study places, are entitled to a PhD student allowance. This does not apply to the students of DoRa programme and to those studying at non-state funded study places.


The amount of the doctoral allowance is 660 EUR per month. In the autumn semester of the 2019/2020 academic year matriculated PhD students will receive the doctoral allowance 660 EUR + the doctoral students’ performance stipend 400 EUR for six months

*Master's degree or a corresponding level of education.

*Some faculties may require an entrance examination or interview.

*All eligible applicants are ranked and ranking is based on the results of entrance examinations and other programme-specific requirements set for a particular PhD curriculum.

* citizens of Estonia or reside in Estonia on the basis of a long-term or temporary residence permit or a permanent or temporary right of residence

*study full time or part time without the obligation to pay the tuition fee

*have successfully passed progress review in the academic year preceding the granting of allowance or are first-year doctoral students or are first year doctoral student.

*The doctoral allowance of part-time doctoral students is 50 percent of the rate of the doctoral allowance established by state budget.


To apply for doctoral studies, applicants may submit their application and documents

electronically or on paper. [effective as of 31 December 2017]

- Electronic application and documents are submitted via the admissions information system at

www.sais.ee or via the admissions information system for international applicants at

www.estonia.dreamapply.com. Applications and documents on paper are submitted to the

student admissions unit of the university’s Office of Academic Affairs.

- Electronically submitted documents must be digitally signed or confirmed with a digital

signature or stamp. Paper documents are submitted

* as original documents and copies or

* as copies certified by a notary or issuer.

- In addition to the application, the applicant submits, in case the information is not available for

the university via the admissions information system from national registers, the following


* a diploma and diploma supplement certifying a master’s degree or an equivalent

qualification or, in the absence of the latter, a transcript of records. In the absence of

the diploma and diploma supplement upon applying during the first or second period

of admission, the applicant shall submit them on 5 August at the latest, except if the

applicant applies for a student place not financed from the state activity support in the

current year;

* an identity document or a copy ;

* an assessment of the Estonian ENIC/NARIC on the compliance of the qualification

for access to doctoral studies in the case of an applicant who is a citizen of Estonia or

has a long-term residence permit or a permanent residence permit of Estonia and who

has obtained a master’s degree or an equivalent qualification in a foreign country;

* a diploma and diploma supplement of the first level of higher education in the case

of an applicant who has obtained a master’s degree or an equivalent qualification in a

foreign country;

*documents certifying compliance with the terms and conditions set in clause 2.4 of

the rules, for an applicant for a student place not financed from the state activity


* a document certifying English or Russian language proficiency at B2 level in the

case of an international student applicant.

. With the application, an applicant submits a doctoral thesis project and curriculum vitae.

Documents are submitted in Estonian or English. Documents that are not in Estonian or English shall be accompanied by a notarised translation in Estonian or English.

 In order to verify and specify the information shown on the application, the university has the right to use the study information system of the University of Tartu and Estonian Education Information System, make inquiries to educational institutions and submit documents certifying education to the Estonian ENIC/NARIC for the purpose of assessing the qualification.

*If the information included in the application of an applicant is incomplete or the applicant

fails to submit all the required documents by the date set by the rector, the university has the

right to reject the application.

* The application and copies and transcripts of documents submitted upon entering the university

are not returned.

* The application form and other necessary document forms are published on the internet address

www.ut.ee/sisseastumine, document forms in English are published at www.ut.ee/admissions.

List of Phd programs:

-Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics *

Germanic and Romance Languages and Literatures


Literature and Cultural Research


Russian and Slavonic Philology

Semiotics and Culture Studies

Theology and Religious Studies

-Faculty of Medicine

Exercise and Sport Sciences




-Faculty of Social Sciences

Economics and Business Administration

Educational Science

Law *

Media and Communication

Political Science



-Faculty of Science and Technology

Candidates need to apply for the selected projects/research topics.

Botany and Ecology


Computer Science

Educational Science

Engineering and Technology

Environmental Technology

Zoology and Hydrobiology

Gene Technology                                                            



Materials Science        


Mathematical Statistics                          

Molecular and Cell Biology       

Molecular Engineering          


-Payment of doctoral allowance

The university pays the doctoral allowance for each month on the basis of a directive by the vice dean for academic affairs by the 20th of the calendar month and by 30 September for the month of September.

If a doctoral student receives a negative evaluation in the progress review or fails to pass the progress review, payment of the doctoral allowance is terminated as of the calendar month following the progress review meeting.

Important dates:

May 1 - June 1: admission for all PhD programmes

July 6: final admission results

Sept 3: academic year starts

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