Free online course: Conversation skills in English for beginners

Free online course: Conversation skills in English for beginners



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22 Feb 2022
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The Drupal Training Platform offers a course in English language conversation skills for beginners. This course aims to provide students with a list of basic English vocabulary that they can use and apply in everyday life. The course also focuses on common everyday situations such as self-identification, travel, transportation use, and basic etiquette. During this course, students will learn how to use different terms to greet and farewell. They will also be trained in introductions, personal information, and polite expressions. They will also be introduced to various means of transport, and how to inquire about trends. It will also help them easily navigate a city, ask appropriate questions, and find important sites in emergencies.

What you will learn at this session
At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate phrases to greet or farewell.
  • The proper way to identify yourself.
  • Identify the different means of transportation.
  • Ask appropriate questions while you're touring a city.
  • Identify critical locations in emergency situations.

Language training

  • English.

About the Drop Platform
The training course is organized by DROP, the national e-training platform, one of the initiatives of the Human Resources Development Fund (HDF), which aims to empower the workforce to develop their skills and abilities.


  • Cultural exchange and languages

Opportunity target

  • Everyone who cares

Funding: Not funded
Languages required

  • English

How to apply
You can attend this course by creating a new account or using your own account on the Drupal website.



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