Free online course for teachers on managing child behavior in the classroom

Free online course for teachers on managing child behavior in the classroom

Future Learn

Future Learn

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19 Feb 2020
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Future Learn offers a free online course on student behavior management in the classroom. This program is part of the Professional Development Skills (CPD) courses which are courses specifically designed for STEM teachers in British schools and institutes. Although the content of this course is drawn from educational institutions in Britain, it is suitable for all teachers and those interested in teaching around the world. This course will help teachers, to maintain discipline within the classroom. During them, they will discover how their behavior affects their students, as well as student management behavior techniques and building confidence in the classroom.

Course Topics:

  • Personal behavior management to influence student behavior.
  • Using rules and routines to achieve regularity in the classroom: routines, rules and habits.
  • Intelligent use of grading to motivate students.
  • Reducing friction when students behave badly: diversion and direction.
  • Reform and Classroom Conflict Resolution: Sanctions and Restoration.

What you will learn in the course:

  • Evaluating how the teacher’s behavior affects the behavior of his students.
  • Smart appreciation application to motivate students.
  • Developing reform practices and resolving student disputes.
  • Apply rules and customs to achieve consistency in the classroom.
  • Explain how to reduce friction when students behave badly.

Duration of the course:
The course lasts 5 weeks at 3 hours per week.

About the teachers:
This course will be taught by Paul Dix, who is an instructor at Cambridge University and co-founder of "Pivotal Education". In addition to the Becca Knowles of the National STEM Learning Center.

About Future Learn:
Future Learn provides a wide variety of courses offered by leading universities and cultural institutions from all over the world. Where these courses are presented in an easy and simple way, and can be accessed on the mobile phone and tablet or through the personal computer. The leaders of this distinguished website believe in the necessity of making learning an enjoyable social experience, therefore Future Learn courses provide the opportunity for learners to discuss what they are learning. With others, which helps them to develop and create new ideas in various fields of knowledge.


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How To Apply:
To apply for this opportunity, register on the site, then click: "Join course for free" on the official website.

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