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Programme Description: The Master’s Degree in Intercultural Business Communication is an interdisciplinary study programme offering knowledge and skills to support the communication of market actors (enterprises and non-profit organizations). Particular attention is paid to the command of languages, contemporary modes of business administration, including internet marketing and international strategies, and key soft skills of intercultural dialogue and intercultural relations. The objective is to provide robust knowledge of the specificities of conducting business in the Euro-Mediterranean region and beyond, as well as to develop communication and intra-personal skills of individuals, allowing them to assume managerial responsibilities with confidence.

Application deadline: September 29th , 2019

Start of the programe: October 2019

ONLINE OPEN INFO DAYS: 28 August 2019 at 4 p.m.&11 September 2019 at 3 p.m

MODE OF IMPLEMENTATION: Blended learning, a combination of face-to-face lectures (mainly in Piran, Slovenia) and e-learning

ACCREDITATION: Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

Admission requirements:            

The candidates need to fulfil all the criteria below:

In case the candidates do not meet the criteria under number 4 above, they will be offered to follow an independent study bridging programme with an examination before enrolment in the IBC programme. The bridging course is open to all the candidates that have applied for it at the time of their application to the master’s degree programme. The exam will take place in September and will be conducted at a distance. It is free of charge for candidates to the master’s degree programme.

Students have the option of studying 1 semester at the University Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy.

Tuition fees and financial matters:

Application fee:  EUR 100

Enrolment Fee:  EUR 60

Tuition Fee: EUR 6,000 per academic year (excluding the cost of travel and accommodation).

Living expenses in Slovenia (Piran): Accommodation costs are approximately EUR 350-500 per month; the cost of 3 meals per day is about EUR 15 (subsidised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of up to EUR 58 per month).

Scholarships: A limited number of scholarships for outstanding students is available.

Contact: For queries regarding the submission procedure, contact the EMUNI Education Department at [email protected] or +386 59 25 00 57.

More information: [email protected] , [email protected]

Program Description: Innovation and entrepreneurship are considered a fruitful pursuit for creative and productive individuals. This unique programme is geared towards talented candidates who wish to draw on innovation in order to enhance their entrepreneurial thinking and implement their entrepreneurial ambition in the context of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The programme is practice-oriented. It is designed to ensure the practical relevance of the theories and research on innovation and entrepreneurship for the participants, who will be improving their individual entrepreneurial ideas throughout the course. Field visits and practical training constitute an important part of the programme, ensuring exposure to entrepreneurship in practice.

Additionally, the background and cultural diversity of students and of the faculty in the programme contribute to developing the interpersonal skills and suited competence framework.


Start of the program: March 2020


Distance learning (2 courses);

E-learning combined with face-to-face coaching in students’ countries (1 course);

Face-to-face interactive sessions, e-learning and field work in Slovenia and another EU country, most likely Italy or Spain (3 courses).

Admission requirements

Tuition Fees and Financial Matters

Application Fee: EUR 50

Tuition Fee: EUR 3,000 including all costs related to the curriculum, including field visits in Slovenia.

Living Expenses in Slovenia (Piran): Accommodation costs are approximately EUR 350-500 per month; price for 3 meals per day is about EUR 20-25.

Assistance with the Application Procedure: For queries regarding the submission procedure, contact the EMUNI Education Department at [email protected] or by phone +386 59 25 00 57.

More information: www.emuni.si , [email protected][email protected]


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