Social sciences and humanities 2022 - 2023

You will be trained to think critically and ethically, as well as in good historical knowledge which allows you to interact in various spheres. Other areas include literature, art and social studies.


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Ethics Applied Philosophy Aesthetics Epistemology Social and Political Philosophy Logic Philosophy of Science Metaphysics Social Research Cultural Studies Sociology Media and Communication Studies Gender Studies Criminology Social Work Urban Studies Human Geography Social Stratification Child and Youth Studies Developing Country Research Disability Research Social Theory Sociobiology Sociocybernetics Sport Science Tourism Public Policy Politics Science, Technology and Environmental Politics Public Administration Politics and History Health Politics and Policy Human rights International Relations Comparative Democratization Comparative Politics Conflict Processes Information Technology and Politics Urban Politics International History and Politics National Politics Political Economy Politics, Literature and Film Race, Ethnicity and Politics Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations Foreign Policy Foundations of Political Theory International Security and Arms Control Legislative Studies Political Communication Political Methodology Political Networks Political Organizations and Parties Political Psychology Political Science Education Political Theory Representation and Electoral Systems State Politics and Policy Women and Politics Research