The Japan Foundation Program 2024-19 in Japan

The Japan Foundation Program 2024-19 in Japan

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  • Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists, Performing Arts Japan for Europe, Grant Program for Enhancing, People-to-People Exchange
  • Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration: The project must not be implemented for profit


  • The project is not for the advancement of specific political or religious views
  • (In the case of an organization) One or more of the following, (a) to (c), are not applicable to your organization.
    • Japanese government (including national institutions), local public organizations (including public universities, public junior high
      schools, public high schools, and other public institutions), government-affiliated organizations, incorporated administrative agencies,
      local incorporated administrative agencies, national university corporations (including public junior high schools and public high
    • Governments of other countries (including administrative agencies such as ministries and agencies, but excluding research and
      educational institutions), foreign diplomatic missions in Japan
    • International organizations (intergovernmental organizations that the Japanese government contributes to)
  • (In the case of a Japanese organization or individual) The applicant does not fall under the definition of “Anti-Social Forces” (groups or
    individuals that pursue economic benefit by making full use of violence, force and/or fraudulent means), which is specified in Article
    2(2)1 of the Japan Foundation’s Regulations with Regard to Dealing with Anti-Social Forces (2015 Regulation No. 52)
  • (In the case of an overseas organization) The organization has a bank account for receiving grants, or is able to set up a bank account
    before the grant payment period
  • The receipt of a grant or other form of subsidies from the Japan Foundation is not in violation of any laws or regulations in the
    applicant’s country
Eligible Regions: Open For All

Application Process

  • Decide on the program that you wish to apply for (Program deadline varies from program to program)
  • Obtain the application instructions and application forms
  • Submit the application forms
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