South Korea: Scholarships for International Students Global Korea Scholarship 2023

South Korea: Scholarships for International Students Global Korea Scholarship 2023

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KDI School of Public Policy and Management

KDI School of Public Policy and Management

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Greetings from the Admissions Office!

Please refer to the 2023 Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) Program schedule as below and prepare for the application in advance. 


1. GKS Application Period(University Track) : March 2(Thu) 09:00 ~ March 31(Fri) 17:00(KST), 2023

 - KDI School's Online Application System Portal:

- All of the required documents(hard copies) must arrive at KDI School via post-mail within the application deadline.

 ※ Academic Documents(graduation certificate and transcripts) must be Apostilled or Consular-authenticated by the Korean embassy in compliance with the NIIED’s application guidelines.

 - Applicants will be disqualified from the admission process immediately, 

   1) if they apply for other scholarship programs of KDI School

   2) if they submit multiple applications to other universities under GKS program 


2. GKS Program Application Guidelines

 - Visit GKS homepage(click) > scholarship > notice > click "2023 Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees" (or refer to the attachment)

※ Please refer to BOTH ①Application Guidelines AND ② Univerisy Information(Overview of the University) as KDI School requires additional documents.

 ※ Applicants must use ③ GKS Application Forms and submit them to KDI School's online application system.



3. Additional documents required by KDI School(for both University and Embassy Track)

 ※ If any documents required by NIIED and KDI School is incomplete, he/she will be disqualified from the admission process immediately. 

 - [REQUIRED] TWO letters of recommendations: must use KDI School's online application system to request the recommendation letters

  1) Request two recommendation letters using KDIS online application system

  2) Submit two GKS application form 5's in the online application system from the same two referees from 1)

 - [REQUIRED] Score Report of valid English Proficiency Test: please check the tests that we accept and the validity date from the ② Univerisy Information(Overview of the University)

 - [If applicable] Master's & Doctoral Degree Graduation Certificate: required if any academic history is stated in the application(should be apostilled/consular authenticated)

 - [If applicable] Certificate of Employment: required if any employment history is stated in the application


For any inquiries, please contact to


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