Volunteering in Helsinki: Helsingin lyhytaikaiskoti ja työpaja Lyhty ry/ B housing Services 2024

Volunteering in Helsinki: Helsingin lyhytaikaiskoti ja työpaja Lyhty ry/ B housing Services 2024

Finlandia 16 may. 2024
Volunteering Mina7

Volunteering Mina7

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Organización sin ánimo de lucro
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16 may. 2024
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Date start: 16 Aug 2024

Date end: 16 Aug 2025

The volunteer works as an volunteer in Lyhty’s assisted housing unit B of the non-profit NGO “Lyhty ry”. Lyhty provides housing, education and work activity services for adults with learning disabilities. Lyhty is located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Unit B is located in area called Konala. In housing units, a volunteer's job description includes to do homework together with a intellectual disabled person or to guide a person with intellectual disability to do their own homework. The housing units appreciate the volunteer's creativity, openness and genuine presence. For example, a volunteer can socialize with a resident, go out for coffee with other caregivers and residents, organize art shows or cook, play music, or organize activities such as a sports or dance,guided exercise, cooking, cleaning, listening to music, crafts, outdoor activities, excursions, etc. In Lyhty we have 10 volunteers working at the same time in different housing units and workshops.

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