Online course: Introduction to Human Resource Management

Online course: Introduction to Human Resource Management

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The nature of the work and the business environment is changing dramatically every day. In past decades, the companies with major competitive advantages were those that offered the best product or the latest technology, or those that were the largest in terms of capital. Now, however, the only thing that makes a company more distinct is the level of people working at it.

Human resource management is not just a department at the workplace, it is a way of dealing with people, understanding people, uncovering talents, improving the corporate culture and increasing employee productivity.

We introduce this course to introduce you to the field of human resource management and help you excel at it, this course can benefit employers, HR specialists, an employee in any field and even students who are willing to get in the HR field later on in their career. 
Topics covered include: - The basic principles for human resource management in companies in this fast paced world - An overview of how companies can recruit, reward, motivate, use and manage their employees effectively - Key practices and techniques concerning the planning for human resources, job analysis and design, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, and — finally — bonuses and salaries.

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What You Will Learn

  • Building an appropriate attitude to identify a strategic job that is completely integrated with the organization’s strategy, vision and objectives.
  • Understanding the life cycles and various stages of an employer, from the first moment of contact with a candidate for a particular position, all the way to his/her relationship with the company.
  • Exploring the six core functions and roles of human resource administration, which include human resource planning, analyzing and designing jobs, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, and finally bonuses and salaries.
  • Exploring the challenges currently facing human resource management, such as diversity management, dealing with disciplinary procedures, and interacting with legal frameworks.
  • Understanding the key skills that must be possessed by the human resource management specialists, as well as how to constantly develop them, to enable their professional growth and ability to lead successful relationships between the employee and the employer.

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