Photography Competition Entitled "Vignetting" from Photocrowd

Photography Competition Entitled "Vignetting" from Photocrowd

Algérie 07 mai 2023


Organisation à but non lucratif, Parcourir ses opportunités similaires


Organisation à but non lucratif
Pays hôte
Date limite
07 mai 2023
Type d'opportunité
Financement d'opportunité
Non financé
Pays éligibles
Cette opportunité est destiné à tous les pays
Région éligible
Toutes les régions

 Photocrowd is pleased to announce a photography competition entitled; Vignetting, the darkening or softening of the edges of an image, in particular around the corners. Vignetting is a natural occurrence with certain lenses but is also created deliberately as an artistic effect. Nowadays it’s an effect that can be reproduced with a lot of control and variation in post-processing software such as Affinity Photo or Photoshop and can really produce a pleasing result. Try to appear this effect in your photos with no frames or illustrated/graphic borders, and you will get a great chance to win.

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