Webmail as a tool to increase university ranking

Webmail as a tool to increase university ranking

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Many universities would like to increase their ranking in order to have a better reputation and a good
position between academics network.

However many universities forget to provide professors and students with an e-mail containing university domain name. Besides its important impact on university ranking.

The methodology adopted by most of ranking organism is similar is much the same with some modification in term of calculation or ponderation of  score items.

Their main difficult task consists on tracking the university work. This task becomes easy and smooth in case of all university professors and researchers have their email with university domain name.

Having this email without using it in different correspondance is useless. In fact, Professors should subscribe in different academics platforms such as Google scholar, Academia, Research gate and more.


This tools are very useful for ranking organisation. This tools offers statistics and reports about number of uploaded research paper for university researchers number of citation ad other metrics this items reveal an important rank in the final score

However, many academics prefer to use their Gmail or other webmail services instead instead of the univesity webmail service. Universities should be aware of this and must provide the necessary incentives for professors to use their university webmail service.

Professors may be paid for each scientific paper containing the university name, their department and the university webmail as a mail used in correspondence.

Moreover, Professors should be rewarded on the number of citations and their H-index.

To conclude making Professors use the university webmail is not a easy task. Putting incentives and an efficient webmail service is in the heart of this work.

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