International Competition for Illustrated Silent Books and a Chance to Win 4000 Euro

Date limite : 15 févr. 2020

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International Competition for Illustrated Silent Books and a Chance to Win 4000 Euro

 The Municipality of Mulazzo with the collaboration of Bologna Children’s Book Fair and the patronage of IBBY Italy and the Center for Book and Reading (MiBACT), presents the 2019 International Silent Book – Gianni De Conno Award. The competition is exclusively reserved for new and unpublished illustrated books without words. The subject is open and not restricted to any age group and readers. The narration must be carried out exclusively through illustrated images and have narrative and stylistic coherence.

Rules of Participation:

  1. Authors, illustrators, and artists of any nationality, place of origin or residence may participate, with original and unpublished projects, provided they are not less than 18 years old on 15th February 2020. It is possible to participate with one to a maximum of three unpublished projects for each Author.
  2. Participants should send an original illustrated and unpublished book project that has been created and produced exclusively through narration by illustrated images.
  3. The book project must not contain words, with the exclusion of the title and possible subtitle. The narration must be realized exclusively through the illustrations and have narrative and stylistic coherence. There are no limits regarding age or reader group, and the subject matter is open.
  4.  The illustrations featured in the book projects can be in color or black and white, with unlimited traditional or digital techniques and media.


The book project proclaimed the winner of the Silent Book Contest 2020 by the International Jury will be published by September 2020 by the publisher Carthusia Edizioni of Milan (Italy) which will insert it and promote it in its editorial catalog. The author will receive a money prize of € 4,000. The award ceremony will take place, approximately, at the end of August 2020 in the Municipality of Montereggio di Mulazzo (MS). 

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