Tourism and Hospitality Educators Forum 2017

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Association Académique Tourism and Hospitality Educators Forum 2017

Tourism and Hospitality Educators Forum 2017 will convene in Sydney, Australia on 8 December. The nonprofit conference is devoted to education, research, and information exchange between academia and industry. The forum has been held annually since 1984 in cooperation by industry-leading entities in tourism research, hospitality, aviation, information technology, and vocational development. 

The objectives of the forum are to provide an opportunity for tourism educators and trainers to gain new insight about the rapidly changing tourism and hospitality industry, to learn about new training and assessment methods, and to network with their peers. 

Featured presenters will explore diverse issues affecting tourism and hospitality education, including training accreditation standards, global distribution systems, assessment techniques, and new training technologies. 

Most importantly, the theme of the forum is to spread understanding, cross-cultural awareness, the pursuit of knowledge, and world peace. 

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