Tamkeen fields for Aids

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Tamkeen fields for Aids

Bailleur de fonds Tamkeen fields for Aids

Tamkeen is a Jordanian non-governmental organisation that works on promoting the principles of human rights, combatting human trafficking; as well as protecting the rights of the most vulnerable groups in society, particularly Migrant Workers and Refugees, through a three-prong strategy of: prevention, protection and prosecution. Goal: Increasing legal awareness within Jordanian Society, with a focus on issues related to Labour Laws, the rights and duties of workers and the Anti-Human Trafficking law. Tamkeen is also works on promoting the rule of law by ensuring the effective participation of human rights activists, lawyers, judges and those responsible for implementing and proposing legal amendments in issues related to its work; in addition to enabling victims whose rights have been violated to seek justice.

Website: http://tamkeen-jo.org/



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