Free online certification more accessible than ever:

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Free online certification more accessible than ever:


Access to knowledge becomes easy and accessible to everyone with many courses and certifications available online, you don't need to go to college to learn SQL, web development or copywriting. There are many online courses and certifications available and open to anyone interested in learning and developing their careers.

Which online certification is better free or paid?

The advantage in online certifications is that even free training is recognized and has almost the same value as paid training. These kinds of certifications are becoming more and more required by job offers, because it proves that the candidate is willing to learn and evolve is his career

Example of free certifications:

Udacity: Udacity offers free training in various specialties in marketing, IT and more. These website diversifies its offer and thus offers Nano degrees training in computer science. Even for nono degree you can apply for a fully funded scholarship.

Google academy: many free training courses and certifications are offered by Google analytics, Google ads.

Coursera: This site offers registration fees for its online training courses for students in need, by submitting application to cover certification fees. The objective of this kind of platform is to spread knowledge rather than money. It makes online studies available for everybody.

So you can benefit from these certifications for free.

Whether free or paid training, both are recognized and can be used as proof of your skills in a specific area. For Google certifications, they are the best for proving your Adword campaign management skills so you can work in the marketing department of a company.

Benefits of these certifications:

Cv: you can put these certifications in your Cv, it shows your interest in a specific field and therefore increases your chances of being selected for a job.

New skills: These certifications allow you to discover new skills and discover new areas, it does not require prior training. You must be interested in the training.

Polyvalent: certifications allow you to discover new fields even if you have not studied IT or digital marketing, you can get started in these fields easily. If, for example, you have studied geography or literature with additional training in copywriting or digital marketing, you open up horizons and you become more polyvalent and you have many skills which is an advantage.

How to prepare:

- Watch the full course online: try to concentrate during the online course and get as much information as possible. The questions will be similar to what you see in the lesson.

-Exercise: try to do some exercises before taking the exam.

- Have a look at past exams: you will have an idea, what the questions look like. You can view past exams on yzyadwords. The website offers certification exam preparation guides and answers to save time and get certified faster.

I have participated in many online courses before, and I have also had many certifications, I find that these certifications help a lot to discover new areas and improve my skills. Preparing for these trainings is easy. There are a lot of resources online that will help you.s

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